Wyatt Gildea

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Wyatt Gildea
Pronouns He, Him
Campus(es) Davidson, West, West
Attended 2014, 2016, 2017
Course(s) Modern Medicine and Immunology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics, Forensic Anthropology
RAG(s) Amar, Kevin, Ike
Roommate(s) Evan, Kestrel, Iain
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Wyatt Gildea was a Third Year Fourth Year who attended Davidson, West, West. In his fourth year, Wyatt made notable achievements such as being on the frisbee team that beat the Staff, being an MC for the talent show, and getting Tim to admit that Ike's RAG was his favorite. He was also the founder of the "Adeedas Swoosche", which currently being trademarked.


Wyatt attended Term 1 at Davidson in 2014, and was part of Amar's Rag. While at Davidson, he took the class, Modern Medicine and Immunology. For Tipsync, his RAG did "The Duck Song", but in the middle of the song, it switched to the Harlem Shake. They did not place. For Quadfest, they were on the team of Gryffindor, and again, did not place.


In 2015, Wyatt was waitlisted because he didn't know you could add more than 3 classes to the application.


After being waitlisted again, Wyatt ended up making it into his 2nd choice: Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics for Term 1 at Duke West. He was placed in Kevin's Rag with Jackson, Matthew, Nicólas, Manny, Sachin, and others. For Tipsync, Kevin's Rag combined the Haka Rugby Dance with the beginning of I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys. Wyatt, along with Manny and Sachin, were the leads in the song, which didn't win, prompting Kevin to yell "THIS IS BULLSHIT". Kevin's Rag was known for their great dinner talks including "The Bleacher's", "TipDick", and "The Roof". This term, Wyatt became close friends with other 3rd years Manny, Kiki, Maya, Coles, Rushi, Hannah, and Taylor. As those girls were the founders of spooning, Wyatt ended up being one of the first Tipsters to be spooned.


Wyatt returned for his final year at West Term 1, where he took the class Forensic Anthropology. Wyatt was luckily enough to be placed in the one and only Ike's RAG. This was especially lucky as this was Ike's final RAG. Also in this RAG were Manny, Jackson, and Matthew, all who were in the same term as Wyatt in his Third year. This term, Wyatt grew very close to fellow Tipster, Macray, and they would end up doing most things together including MC for the talent show. Because of being caught in Jackson and Sam's room, the three of them were all forced to miss the first 30 minutes of the first dance. For Quadfest, Ike's RAG was placed on Grellow. Wyatt and Sam participated in the Wheelbarrow race, winning by a large margin, but all of Grellow's efforts weren't enough to keep Blue team from winning as Grellow got second. This term Wyatt was one of the founding members of Fam 3, the student frisbee team that ended up beating the Staff 11-8, even after they trailed 8-6 at halftime. Wyatt went to the third dance, and walked down the Red Carpet with Lav, and got hit with the wiffle bat multiple times. Besides MCing the talent show, Wyatt, Sam, Alex, and Macray all participated in a Doctor Doctor skit involving three Tim's catching Macray listening to "Show Me Your Genitals". In his fourth year speech, Wyatt thanked everyone that had been there for him during his TiP career, and left the room with a piece of advice to take leaps of faith and not be scared of what might or might not happen.