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Hey Rhett!

nice username...heh. too.

I blocked you for two hours because of your edits to the Young Writers page. Specifically, this and this for two reasons. One, when an admin (User:kkimball) reverted your edit the first time you proceded to re-add your commentary. Second, what you added to that page was attacking and unneeded. Please reconsider before making changes of this type before. Thanks and thank you for your positive contributions. - Anthony 16:13, 3 August 2006 (MST)

I'm sorry, because I was merely quoting from Brad's story at the East 2 talent show, and I know you were there, because I know you and I saw you. I'm sorry that was *offensive* to the Tipwiki. And I didn't know what happened with the admin thing, because I'm new to the wiki, and not too good at using it, and it just came up as *another user has edited at the same time as you, please re-enter information* or something like that. I hope this clears it up or whatever, I didn't mean to be offensive.

That was part of someone's term speech and thus part of the story. Can we put it back as "As Brad says, 'Ugly. And Stupid. And Republican.'"?

Yeah, you can put it back. Sorry about that. I was trying to multitask and dealing with things on the wiki too quickly to really give it much thought, so it seemed random and immature at the time. My appuligies. Thanks for correcting me. -- Anthony 19:53, 3 August 2006 (MST)

All right, thanks.

Hey Maxine! What's happened since TiP?



  • cry*

Okay, I'm better now.

<3 Maxine

I'm kinda upset because I think that while I was gone my spamblocker picked up the list of our class's email addresses and deleted it. Either that or I just didn't get sent it. Either way, I'm upsetted by that...I have most of the email addresses now though, from your chainmail. But seriously, how can they be so heartless as to show us Utopia and then drag us away? Ah well, 'tis better to have loved then lost then never to have loved.

Very poetic, Zach. If you need any more emails, I can give them to you.

You'd be surprised at how many bipolar people are poets and writers. I'm thinking of having a Second-Floor posse reunion, I have the resources, I just need to find chaperones (They make parents easier to convince into something) and work out the budget details. Email me if you have any ideas about what to do or where to go. And if you could just forward me that list if you still have it...

Josh says HI!!!!!

I don't know whether you (Zach) got my email or not...but if you didn't, I think we should have it in my town. I'll give you more details if the email doesn't work, but if it does, you already have them. And anyway, my parents said if people are going to spend the night, we can have it at my house and they'll chaperone, at least part of the time. Bear in mind my sleeping accomodations for twelve or so people are the den floor or our lovely upstairs porch. So if we're doing it, people need to bring air mattresses or whatever. And we have a super local pizza place and coffee house, and we could always go see a movie, or just hang out. What do you think? Maxine

Didn't get it. But what I think should happen is that we start by getting everyone together around the idea, having them put in suggestions, and working out budget (Which I can make a good contribution to, I can make plenty of money on a good week). It'll work itself out, and if you have AOL or MSN instant messenger, get into contact with me on one of those, I'll email you (and hopefully it'll work) my Screen Names.

You have crappy sources

Who the heck told you anything about me and a quizbowl team and sweatshirts? No quizbowl team I've been on had sweatshirts. Bpogi

Our quiz bowl team at Henry county middle school never had sweatshirts. The school sold some sweatshirts for a fundraiser, but that was for the whole school. I never bought one. The only clothing our quiz bowl team got were just short-sleeved shirts. Bpogi

HEY MAXINE..........

YOUR FACE..............

Love from Rhett, Michelle, and Greg in the Lilly Library