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Memoriae is a long-dedicated TIPster, clinging to her ties as such even though she is now a freshman in college. She is now hired (as in hired) to be an RC at Davidson, so it might be a good idea to get on her good side now.

She is a top beta/plotter for the TiPfic, which every sane person should read if they do not mind being subjected to scary pairings and/or extreme bouts of paranoia. She has even contributed some text to the work, but is secretive on what text that is.

Her most famous exploits as a TIPster include being conservative, being part of the family of the class Past is the Present, shouting "Frodo Lives" at a Mercedes convertible her fourth year, tap dancing, participating in the TIP debut of Cellblock Tango, and otherwise being insane. She also developed a short cheer for the Blue Team at Davidson's Summerfest term 2002, but most people have forgotten that.

Memoriae's largest claim to fame, however, and the one in which she felt most loved by the community, was her fourth year speech, the Shire Speech, which either will become a tradition or will just be remembered by those who heard it. It is, to those who understand it, one of the most resonant ways to describe the experience that is TIP.

Also, the meaning of Memoriae's name may be wondered. It is Latin, and could alternatively mean "Memories," "Of Memory," or "To/For Memory." The last of these three translations is the intended one, as everything she does on this site is For The Memory.

Savor the Shire, y'all!