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Pronouns he/him
Campus(es) University of Kansas, Texas A&M, University of Georgia
Attended 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Course(s) Video Production, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Inspired Writer, Team Programming for Video Games
RAG(s) Ian, Jonathan, Kevin, Geoff Toy
Roommate(s) Sam Grayson, Farhan Sanouri, Jack Loeb, Evan Melear
Social Media

About me

My name is Justin W. Flory. Once, I was known as Wanda Justice or deadmau5. I was last seen as a Fourth Year / Fourth Year at the University of Georgia in 2013.

Since then, I graduated high school and attended the Rochester Institute of Technology starting in 2015. After five years, I did it! I graduated in 2020 with a major in Networking and Systems Administration. I also picked up two minors, one in Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture, and Women’s and Gender Studies. In that time, I also got to see the world. I either lived or visited places like Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and more.

At time of writing, I work as an Open Source Technical Advisor at the UNICEF Innovation Fund. I help teach international teams about best practices to build communities of people around their tech or software projects.

And my first time ever programming? That was at TIP 2013 for me.

Get in touch

Hey, I don't bite! Drop a line and say hi. You can get in touch with me at either of the two places below:

I also have a website and blog.

Track Record

Year Term Campus Course
2010 2 University of Kansas Video Production
2011 2 Texas A&M University Entrepreneurial Leadership
2012 1 University of Georgia Inspired Writer: Defining Your Creative Voice
2013 1 University of Georgia Team Programming for Video Games
2plus.png Cross-Campus
This TiPster has attended TiP at more than one campus.