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The Arches on UGA's north campus.

The University of Georgia is a perfect blend of old traditions, love, and beautiful beginnings. Located in Athens, Georgia, it is often the final destination for Academy students for tipsters from Appalachian State University and Rollins College. It differs from other campuses with dorms with air conditioning and a system of bus transportation around the campus.

Beginning in the summer of 2009, the arrangement of TIP campuses had been dramatically altered. Eradicated were certain sites deemed for students going into the 8th grade to students entering their junior year of high school (one of the theories behind this was that it was entierly possible that an RC who was once a camper could get people they had known from their fourth year. The official TIP explanation was something about it being better for the first years to learn with fellow middle schoolers rather than high school students). Regardless of whether that decision was appropriate, it led many previous TIPsters (years 2 through 4) to herd to a new campus. This campus would be the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. At first, there were deafening cries of missing home (for many, the mountains of Appalachia), and equally deafening pleas for those TIPsters to accept the change of campus (often from RCs and TIPsters from other campuses such as Kansas and A&M as well as new TIPsters). These cries eventually quieted down, for the realization had set in for many that TIP is home, regardless of the campus. TIP at UGA became a unique blend of traditions from other campuses, due to the nature of the transitions, while still incorporating a nature of its own.

In 2009, TIPsters roomed in Rutherford hall. Starting in Term 1 2010, TIP switched to Myers Hall, a change appreciated by everyone. Breakfast was eaten at Snelling, and as with the halls, it was changed as well. Weekend meals began to be eaten at Bolton, dinner at O-House, and depending on the class, lunch at either Summit or O-House. Practically all of the classes required transportation by bus to their respective rooms, a tradition started by the Media and Message class on the morning of the second day, adopted later that afternoon by several other classes, and becoming an official TIP policy by the third day (NOTE: at least during term II 2010, they made us walk if we missed our bus). Whether this was a necessity or whether it was pure laziness will remain an enigma. The temperature was constantly in the 90's (Fahrenheit) and often broke the 100 degree barrier (such as on the day of EPICfest). Like many transitions to this campus, the use of different lunch halls and buses was opposed, for after meal times and breaks were prime social opportunities for TIPsters (from the view of a past ASU TIPster). However, in the true spirit of TIP this obstacle was overcome and life continued happily at UGA.

We must know that TIP, regardless of campus, is home. And just because there are many different campuses does not mean that one conquers over another. UGA is just as much home as ASU or KU or A&M or Duke East and West. The love that had gathered at UGA was so immense, and an unbelievable amount of emotion was shared as the new UGA environment settled itself in every heart of every TIPster there. The tipsters at UGA tend to feel a greater sense of isolated TIPness, due to the fact that they were transitioned, whether it be forced or voluntary. The UGA TIPsters had to know how to find in their hearts the TIP love, not the love that was attached to the campus; and at the same time finding room to respect and love each campus they attend. These UGA kids will become TIPsters of EPIC proportions.

Although the campus wasn't liked very much at the beginning of Term II, by the end of the camp, all other campuses were considered inferior to the University of Georgia. This location had the BEST Res. Staff, Food, I-Staff, and Coordinators. Any 2nd year who is looking into coming back as a 3rd year, look into UGA. You will not be sorry!



Term 1: June 08 - June 28

  • Apocalypse in Literature and Pop Culture
  • Cold War: From Allies to Adversaries
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Robotics
  • Sports Medicine
  • Team Programming for Video Games
  • The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity

Term 2: July 06 - July 26

  • Algebra II
  • American Foreign Policy
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
  • Inspired Writer: Refining Your Creative Voice
  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Robotics
  • Sports Medicine
  • The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity


Term 1: June 07- June 27

  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Robotics
  • Scientific Advances that Feed the World
  • Sports Medicine
  • The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity
  • The Pen as Weapon: The Art of Satire

Term 2: July 05–July 25

  • Algebra II
  • American Foreign Policy
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Robotics
  • Scientific Advances that Feed the World
  • Team Programming for Video Games
  • The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity


Term 1: June 12 - July 2

  • American Foreign Policy
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  • Mathematical Modeling and Applied Statistics
  • Pharmacology
  • Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Robotics
  • Sports Medicine
  • The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity
  • The Pen as Weapon: The Art of Satire

Term 2: July 10 - July 30

  • American Foreign Policy
  • Archaeology and Anthropology: Stones and Bones
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying (AKA Spy Kids)
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  • Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology
  • Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Team Programming for Video Games
  • The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity
  • The Science of Feeding 7 Billion People


Term 1: June 11 - July 1

  • American Foreign Policy
  • The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  • The Pen as Weapon: The Art of Satire
  • Sports Medicine
  • Robotics
  • Mathematical Modeling and Applied Statistics


Term 1: June 10 - June 30

  • American Foreign Policy
  • The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  • The Pen as Weapon: The Art of Satire
  • Sports Medicine
  • Robotics
  • Mathematical Modeling and Applied Statistics


Term 1: June 9 - June 29

  • American Foreign Policy
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  • The Pen as Weapon: The Art of Satire
  • The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity
  • Mathematical Modeling and Applied Statistics
  • Sports Medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Speculative Fiction: Reading and Writing About Alternate Worlds

Term 2: July 7 - July 27

  • American Foreign Policy
  • Archaeology and Anthropology: Stones and Bones
  • Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial
  • Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
  • The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity
  • Mathematical Modeling and Applied Statistics
  • Pharmacology
  • Speculative Fiction: Reading and Writing About Alternate Worlds


  • A competitive field day known as DawgFest where TiPsters compete in miscelleneous events
    • This was formerly known as EpicFest and/or BrekFest
    • Such events include (but not limited to) Jello Snarfle, Ultimate frisbee, and more.
  • The Summit Challenge
    • On the last day a TiPster can eat at the Village Summit dining hall (undeniably the best dining hall), they can compete in The Summit Challenge
    • The challenge is to drink all six smoothies from the Smoothie Bar during one lunch period
  • Spirit Week
    • Time Travel Tuesday/Throwback Thursday (Fourth Years wear lanyards from previous years)
    • Decades Day (Different DawgFest teams are assigned a different decade to dress as)
    • Opposite Day (Since abolished - TiPsters would cross-dress and it was officially discontinued in 2013 after failed attempts at changing its meaning from cross-dressing)
  • Integration of Official TIP Songs from several other campuses
  • Staff vs Student Ultimate Frisbee Game
    • The only time the staff has ever been legitimately beaten was Term 2 2016, in which the students were led by Chris Gregoire and Sung Yong-O
    • In Term 1 2018, the students beat the staff with a score of 12 to 13. The students were led by Fred Stanley and Jack Reynolds.
  • RC vs RC vs Staff Basketball
    • Term 1
    • RC groups face each other in a tournament style bracket to see who will face the staff, and the winners put their signatures on Mikey's trophyball to go down in leather forever.
    • Didn't take place Term 1 2015 becuase of dawgfest delays caused by rain
      • This early on we're not sure if it will take place, but always hopin for the best
  • NerdQuest
    • Battle of wit between three humanities classes within the last week of both terms to determine the nerdiest class
    • Classes usually are Philosophy, Inspired Writers/Apocalypse/Satire, and The Brain/Foreign Policy
      • However in 2014, the Term 2 class of The Brain opted out of NerdQuest. In their place Robotics competed.
      • During Term 2 2016 Stones and Bones was introduced to the competition and won. Porkules was voted to be held by Willa until 2017 when she will return as a fourth year
      • In 2017, American Foreign Policy began competing in NerdQuest in the place of The Brain. They lost.
  • ERS
    • Commonly played on the second floor balcony in Myers Hall
    • Said to be introduced by second years Henry Saussy, Bryson White, Alex Coopersmith, and Daniel "Danny" Zimmer at UGA Term 2 2011 (This was resumed at UGA Term 2 2013 by Connor Buehler, Isabel Koolik, Mackenzie Smith, Grace Gao, Kari Pompeo, and Caitlyn Nelson)

Term One Traditions

Blue Tuesday (discontinued)

    • On the first Tuesday of the term, there is an attempt to get as many TiPsters as possible to wear something blue. This originated from the Foreign Policy's class rule.

Gay Day

    • Celebrated since June 26, 2015 in honor of same-sex marriage legalization but officially became a tradition in 2017, Gay Day occurs on June 26 when allies and members of the LGBTQ community alike dress in rainbow and walk around wearing flags. Alpha Gay typically wears the traditional Pride Flag. In 2017, people blasted "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga before classes and it was almost like Pride at Myers Hall, in addition to Josh Marshall (the original Alpha Gay) wearing a pride flag like a cape and heely-ing around campus. Gay Day is simply a day of acceptance and a chance to draw rainbows on your face!

Frat Friday

    • Started in 2016, solidified in 2017 by Kolton Carlson and Jacob Scheinson (because of 2016 "frat bros" Mikey Holland and Jimmy Ogrady), all Fourth Years (mostly Fourth Year girls, though) dress up in khaki/pastel shorts, Hawaiian shorts, button ups, socks with sandals, backwards hats, or anything that showcases your inner "fraternity bro" on the first Friday of the term.
    • The Bro of Rights (written in 2018 by 4th years Sarah Weber, Toni JeBailey, and Ryan Wilson):
      • 1. Frats never unfrat themselves even in the most unfratting situation
      • 2. A frat never wears his hat forwards bc he leaves nothing behind
      • 3. The shorter the shorts the better
      • 4. The more colorful the better
      • 5. You know we had to do it to em
      • 6. White socks are mandatory on every occasion
      • 7. When a douche opportunity comes along you must take it
      • 8. Excuse me what?
      • 9. Bros are too cool to get hot
      • 10. Bros before hoes and you must smash and dash
      • 11. Once a bro always a bro

Tank Top Tuesday

    • On every Tuesday of term TiPsters are to wear tank tops in honor of it's creator, Josh Bielenberg. Brotanks are encouraged. #tanktoptuesday forever

Triple Burger Friday (discontinued)

    • Every Friday, TiPsters order a burger with 3 patties and any toppings if wanted

Disney Princess Day

    • USUALLY limited to girl groups, Fourth Year girls wear tiaras, in addition to clothes and accessories, in imitation of Disney Princesses on the last Wednesday of the term. Afterwards, they pass down their tiaras to a Third Year girl of their choice.

TiP Monarch (discontinued)

    • Part of the trinity of roles at UGA
    • TiP Monarch is usually a fourth year who inherited the role from a fourth year of the previous year
    • The responsibilities of TiP Monarch are typically regarded as the "spirit" of the camp, and they are usually the ones who lead cheers at DawgFest, promote unity at TiP as a whole, and help pump up everyone throughout the term.
      • Discontinued in 2015 at Term 1

TIP Moses

    • Part of the trinity of roles at UGA
    • TiP Moses is usually a fourth year who inherited the role from a fourth year of the previous year
    • Moses is considered to embody the spirit of TiP and is responsible for ensuring that traditions are kept alive and that TiP will forever be love.
    • Read the TIP Moses page for more info
    • 2011 TiP Moses: Dillon McDermott
    • 2012 TiP Moses: Caleb Hill
    • 2013 TiP Moses: Sealth Womack
    • 2014 TiP Moses: Jared Sterling
    • 2015 TiP Moses: Rhys Switzer
    • 2016 TiP Moses: Dylan Clyne
    • 2017 TiP Moses: Mary Elizabeth Marquardt
    • 2018 TiP Moses: Lucy Bowling
    • 2019 TiP Moses: Miriam Crotwell

TiP Jester

    • Part of the trinity of roles at UGA
    • TiP Jester is usually a TiPster who inherited the role from a fourth year of the previous year
    • The responsibilities of the TiP Jester are typically regarded as the "comical relief" of the camp, and they are someone who is a natural comedian and make people laugh, and they also embody and represent the fun that you can have when you're at TiP. They help promote TiP unity through humor.
    • 2016 TiP Jester: Mikey Holland
    • 2017 TiP Jester: Kolton Carlson
    • 2018 TiP Jester: Emma Hay (waitlisted:( ) —> Nathan Lee
    • 2019 TiP Jester: Chas McCrary

"Shirts Off?"

    • A tradition started by Keaton McManamy and Kyle Norton
    • This tradition begins when a group of guys (typically fourth year boys) ask the question, "Shirts off?" If nobody proceeds to say "Shirts on" or "NO", then they yell "SHIRTS OFF!" and run around crazily.
    • As of Term 1 2013, these actions are officially punishable by early bedtimes
    • In Term 1 2017, now seen as the words that must not be named.

Squid King

    • Incorporated into the Trinity once TiP Monarch was abolished, and officially for 2017
    • A tradition continuously upheld by Tipsters, and they are usually a TiPster who inherited the role from a fourth year of the previous year.
    • Squid King wears the Squid hat and helps keep morale up and spirits high all through the term, but especially on Moving Out Day
    • 2016 Squid King: Zach Amerson
    • 2017 Squid King: Ethan Wedge
    • 2018 Squid King: Katie Russell (waitlisted :( ) —> Fred Stanley -SUCC ME CHICKEN LITTLE xoxo, Katie 💅🏼
    • 2019 Squid King: Wesley Leach


    • Started in 2012 by Caleb Hall and Kelly Pierce when dogtags were handed out to all fourth year fourth years stating their first year at ASU and all succeeding years at UGA
    • Continued in 2013 by Quinn Middleton, Lillian Roberts, and Rita Kroeger, where each dogtag was customized
    • 2014 leader is Margaret Elam
    • 2015 leader is Bailee Hayden
    • 2016 leader is Hadley Gilpatrick
    • 2017 leader is Mary Elizabeth Marquardt
    • 2018 leader is Sarah Beth Hobby
    • 2019 leader is Susanna King and Valerie Carver
    • Instructions for dogtags can be found on their wiki page.

Frisbee Captain(s)

    • Leads the Tipsters in the Staff/Student ultimate game, a TiPster who inherited the role from a fourth year of the previous year.
    • 2018 Frisbee Captain: Brantley Good (unable to return :()——-> Jack Reynolds and Fred Stanley.
    • 2019 Frisbee Captain: Josh Palmer

The Blue Dub

    • Started in 2017 by Ethan Dupre. The blue dub was created for the blue team during color war when they handed out an L to every other team and flew the dub.
    • 2017 dub owner: Ethan Dupre
    • 2018 dub owner: Shaun Rousso
    • 2019 dub owner: Chas McCrary

Alpha Gay

    • Started in 2017 by Josh Marshall. Alpha Gay is supposed to help foster an inclusive environment at TiP and promote acceptance. A Rainbow Pride Flag is passed down.
    • 2017 Alpha Gay: Josh Marshall
    • 2018 Alpha Gay: Tyler Jester
    • 2019 Alpha Gay: Mary Elizabeth Rudd

TiP Mom

    • Started in ? by ? Discontinued in 2011, and restarted in 2017 by Kathryn Duncan. Supposed to act as a motherly, guiding figure to the 2nd and 3rd years.
    • 2017 Tip Mom: Kathryn Duncan
    • 2018 Tip Mom: Toni JeBailey
    • 2019 Tip Mom: Susanna King

Resident Jew

    • Started in ? by ? Minor Tradtion, Just for funsies. Exactly what the title insinuates it is.
    • 2017 Resident Jew: Cydney Wolchock
    • 2018 Resident Jew: Shaun Rousso
    • 2019 Resident Jew: Sydney Leahy

Resident Catholic

    • Started in 2017 by Mary Elizabeth Marquardt. Minor tradition, just for funsies. Also exacly what the title insinuates it is.
    • 2017 Resident Catholic: Mary Elizabeth Marquardt
    • 2018 Resident Catholic: Kevin Sullivan
    • 2019 Resident Catholic: Alexa Mavrakis

Shower Squats

    • Started by Chas McCrary and Norbert Burzinsky in 2018. Minor tradition. Just for funsies. Exactly what the title insinuates. You do squats in the shower.
    • 2018 Shower Squatters: Chas McCrary, Norbert Burzinsky, Lila Grandle, Savanna Adams, Victoria Moffett, Katie Hoosier, Akweley Allotey, and Akuorkor "Coco" Allotey

Grand Master

    • Started in 2017 by Mary Elizabeth Marquardt and Sarah Walsey. This person runs the Instagram account (@duketip_at_uga_t1) for the term. They’re responsible for posting term pictures throughout the year, remind everyone of course release and sign ups, and do a 30 day countdown to TIP.
    • 2017 Grand Master: Mary Elizabeth Marquardt and Sarah Walsey
    • 2018 Grand Master: Laura Cunningham (unable to return :() —> Elle Downey
    • 2019 Grand Master: Alexa Mavrakis


    • Started in 2015 by ?
    • wears/brings horse head to dances and activities.
    • gets everybody hyped up at dances and activities. Basically the most adhd person at tip.
    • a brown rubber horse head is passed down.
    • 2015 Horse Head; ?
    • 2016 Horse Head; Hadly G
    • 2017 Horse Head; Zach Martin
    • 2018 Horse Head; Fred Stanley (given squid king) —> Shaun Rousso
    • 2019 Horse Head; Abby Goad

Texas Flag

    • Started in 2015 by Chris ??
    • Represents the great state of Texas
    • Wears flag at dances, talent show, other important events
    • 2015 Texas Flag: Chris ??
    • 2016 Texas Flag: Sydney Brun-Ozuna
    • 2017 Texas Flag: Dylan Sharratt
    • 2018 Texas Flag: Jessica Parrish
    • 2019 Texas Flag: Lila Grandle

TIP Munchkin

    • Started ????
    • This person is the shortest person at TIP
    • Represents what the title insinuates
    • 2016 TIP Munchkin: Evalee Mason
    • 2017 TIP Munchkin: Scottie Pearson-Thompson
    • 2018 TIP Munchkin: Toni JeBailey
    • 2019 TIP Munchkin: Valerie Carver

Term Two Traditions

The Fourth Year Hat

Year Holder
2009 Dan Weitzman
2010 Aris Santas
2011 Chris Ballinger
2012 Anthony Gagliardi (Note: Anthony was a second year when he received the hat, an unprecedented act.)
2013 Anthony Gagliardi
2014 Joey Dierkes
2015 Connor Buehler
2016 Chris Gregoire (Note: Tai Griffin was unable to return for his 4th year.)
2017 Jack Campbell (Note: Jack received the hat as a second year)
2018 Jack Campbell
2019 Duncan Lambert

The Fourth Year Girls' Scrapbook

  • A representative chosen by the previous year's fourth years collect a picture of all the fourth year girls and pass it down to a chosen third year representative for their fourth year.
Year Holder
2013 Kathryn Hood
2014 Millie Chokshi
2015 Isabel Koolik
2016 Caroline Coopersmith
2017 Ellery Ewell
2018 Ashley Amontree
2019 Maya Offir

The Backdorm Boys

4th Year Frisbees

  • For the list of Frisbee Holders, click here.
  • Bora Frisbee
    • Started by Bora Gunay, one of the greatest TiPsters to ever come to UGA, during his time at TiP. Not only was Bora a great Frisbee player, he was a great TiPster who cared for all. This frisbee is passed down to the tipster with the best tip spirit who sets a model for all other tipsters to follow. The holder of the frisbee, by tradition, is the captain of the students in the Staff-Student Game. The frisbee also helps to commemorates the the fourth year win against the staff during Bora's final year.
  • Barbuto Frisbee
    • Started since the beginning of TiP at UGA, this frisbee was held and passed down to Tipsters with great heart and leadership both on and off the frisbee field. It is a frisbee with a peace sign on the front. Although Willie Barbuto was not the original holder of the frisbee, he showed a tremendous amount of heart, most notably when he let a girl play Ultimate, despite many of the boys objecting. Although the holder is not an official captain, they receive considerable respect and have a lot of say during ultimate frisbee games. The frisbee was originally started by Will Ehrensperger during his time at tip, it was a frisbee he had bought his first year, at App State, and kept with him for all four years proceeding. On the last night, during the fourth year speeches, Will decided to pass on his frisbee after The Fourth Year Hat was passed down shortly before.
  • Duo Frisbee
    • The Duo frisbee was started by Chris Gregoire and Sung Yong-O during their fourth year at TiP to commemorate their historic win in the staff-student game (11-6). The frisbee is given to the Tipster who is the best all around at frisbee (Throwing, catching, running, and heart), and the bearer of the frisbee is required to help uphold the high standard of UGA frisbee that Chris and Sung established when they beat the staff at term II 2016.
    • In the middle of the frisbee, on the back, Sung Yong-O's and Chris Gregoire's names are written next to the winning score of the staff-student game (11-6), adn the year in which the victory occured (2016).
    • On the front of the frisbee is a picture of a dragon and a tiger, which represent Chris and Sung, and the teamwork and collaboration required to beat the staff.
  • Xu Frisbee (discontinued)
    • A new Frisbee passed down in 2013, this Frisbee represents the person with the most strength and skill of any TiPster at Ultimate Frisbee. This Frisbee is given to the person with the most all-around skill (throwing, catching, defense), but is primarily used to symbolize a person's exceptional throwing skills, something that is hard to master. By tradition, the holder of the Xu frisbee is the co-captain of the Staff-Student game alongside the holder of the Bora frisbee. Unlike the other Frisbees, which are typically passed down at the Talent Show, this Frisbee is passed down on departure day. The current Frisbee holder will choose the person to receive it, and they will both go on the quad. The current holder will throw it to the new one, the new one will throw it back, and the old holder will throw it once more, marking the Xu Frisbee's passing. Although the tradition was thought to be discontinued in 2014 when the current holder did not return, it was retrieved by Isabel Koolik and passed down to Reese Alley when she was a second year in 2014-2015; however, the tradition was discontinued after that year.


  • Spontaneous fourth year serenades, often including songs such as I Want It That Way and Hallelujah.
  • Passed down with The Backdorm Boys
  • Hannah Hale coordinated the first serenade of fourth year girls to fourth year guys during Term 2 2013. Songs sung included "Drops of Jupiter", "I'm Yours", and "Hallelujah".

Nerf war and Commander of the Universe (discontinued)

  • The fourth year nerf gun war was an old tradition at UGA, which was begun at the in 2009 by Aris Santas during his third year. The Tipster who bore the title of Commander of the Universe was given an arsenal of nerf guns that were to be used during the event.
  • Until 2015 the nerf gun war was never banned, but the nerf gun arsenal would be taken up at the beginning of each year by the staff, and would not be returned until the date of the event.
  • Despite Nerf Guns contraband status, every OSD until 2015 has approved of a limited use by only fourth years, but the guns are kept secure in their office.
  • During the 2015 Term the gun passing was officially ended and the commander at the time Connor Buehler was forced to take his single weapon and give the guns to his second in command, Thomas Williford, for safe keeping until the zombie apocalypse
  • Traditionally for their final RC Group Night, all the fourth year groups have a Nerf Gun war on the top floors of the parking garage next to Myers.
    • However there were scheduling conflicts in Term 2 2014, so they played during 4-5 Free Time.
  • At the end of the 2015 term, the title of commander was passed down to Chris Gregoire, who was the last Commander of the Universe for UGA, although he exercised none of the previous applications of said title, he rode it gloriously into oblivion.
Year Holder
2009-2010 Aris Santas
2011 Jas Rempala
2012 Rob Ledbetter
2013 Anthony Gagliardi
2014 Andrew Mull *Note, the arsenal was passed down to Gage Blackwell, but he was unable to return.
2015 Connor Buehler
2016 Chris Gregoire

Party Glasses

  • Started by Willie Barbuto during his time at UGA in 2012
  • Whoever wears them is the "party-starter" at the dances, they are required to light-up the dancefloor, and get as many people involved in the dances as possible. The glasses wearer is supposed to be the leader of the dances, and ensure that the dances are an inclusive and unifying event at TiP.
  • During Reece's last year at UGA, he knew that he wanted to pass down his glasses, but couldn't decide on the Tipster he wanted to give them to. In a moment of confusion during his speech, Reece broke the glasses into two separate pieces, and passed them down to two different tipsters. Neil Goodman was the only Tipster that returned to UGA, so he bought a new pair of glasses (now dubbed v2) and helped to flesh out the tradition.
  • During Thomas Williford's time with the glasses, they were broken once again. In a moment of pure hype at the first dance, Thomas broke the sides off of the glasses. Trey chose to tie the glasses around his head with his lanyard instead of replacing them.
  • During Jonathan Martin's time with the party glasses, they simply stopped lighting up at all. Closer inspection revealed that the battery tray had rusted itself into oblivion. Jon replaced them with a new pair of glasses (now dubbed v3) and broke the sides off once again, choosing to tie the glasses around his head with his lanyard just as Trey had done previously.
Year Holder
2012 Willie Barbuto
2013 Reece Dantin
2014 Neil Goodman
2015 Thomas Williford
2016 The Milkman
2017 Jonathan Martin
2018 Abigail Van Pelt
2019 Kenny Cook

The TiPStick

  • An umbrella with a fortune reading "Always surround yourself with true friends" in the cracked handle.
  • "The person who carries it is a true friend who will do their best to keep people under their umbrella both physically and metaphorically, they'll leave their mark because people will remember them as a true friend who was concerned about far more than just themselves."
  • Previously discontinued after the holder went to China in 2010, this tradition was revitalized in 2012, and given to Anthony Gagliardi by Willie Barbuto and Rob Ledbetter, who put the fortune in the umbrella. One of the previous known owners of the TiPstick was Jas Rempala, although he never received the actual umbrella.
  • Generally regarded as one of the major UGA TiP traditions, along with the hat.
  • It is also tradition for the TiPStick holder to lead the chants at the Staff-Student Game, and tell the story of the lost puppy, as well as tying the party glasses on the holder.
Year Holder
2013 Anthony Gagliardi
2014 Millie Chokshi *note, it was originally passed down to Gage Blackwell, but he could not return
2015 Thomas Williford
2016 Rebecca Schlafke
2017 Jakob Heiser
2018 Madeline Gibson *note, it was originally passed down to Jackson Geddings, but he was unable to return
2019 Liam Heraty

The Orange Lanyard

  • Passed down to someone who is notoriously nice and welcoming, they embody the TiP family. The person who gets the lanyard writes their name on it, next to the previous owners.
  • The owner of the Orange Lanyard is someone that you may always come and talk to, and will go out of their way to make sure everyone feels accepted and included at TiP.
  • The lanyard originally belonged to a Tipster names Will Verastegui. During his fourth year there were two popular sayings at TiP that he chose to write on his lanyard: "It's not a goodbye, it's a see ya later", and, "I left my home to live with strangers... Then left my family to return home". At the end of the term, Will decided to write his initials on the lanyard, and give it to his friend Cal. Cal turned the lanyard into a tradition, honoring his friend.
  • It has also been called "Cal's Lanyard", due to his influence on the tradition
Year Holder
2012 Will Verastegui
2013 Cal Stephens
2014 Kate Miller *note- it was given to Gage Blackwell, but he could not return
2015 Teddy Todaro
2016 Josh Brandon
2017 Morgan Sickels
2018 Mel Giquel
2019 Rachel Yeung

The Orange of the Day/ The Oarange

  • Started by Thomas Williford and Jaxon Wilkerson in 2015. The tradition started one night when the two ate pieces of butter, smashed a waffle cone over their heads, and announced a shade of orange to their RC group table at dinner. When other people started to crowd around their table to hear the orange, the two decided that they should just announce the orange to the whole campus.
  • The Oarange is passed down to two TiPsters who can unify the campus. The ootd is a symbol of inclusivity and unity that all Tipsters contribute towards.
  • The orange begins when the two announcers shush the whole campus, and then one person saying "good evening duke TiP", to which the campus responds "good evening (blank)"; next, the announcer says "the orange of the day is..." and a drum roll begins, after the drum roll is cut off, the orange is announced to much audience applause.
  • While only the two Oarange holders can introduce the orange, anyone can announce the shade itself- including green lanyards.
  • Thomas came back on the first day of the 2016 term to pass the tradition down, along with an Oar that would be used to identify the holders. The names of the holders are written on one side, and the words "art i$ dead but the orange lives" are written on the other.
  • While the Orange is traditionally announced at dinner, it can be presented at any time during the day, as long as all tipsters are present.
  • Starting in 2016, the orange was passed down at the talent show; however, the ootd is still announced in the fourth year group chat for the entire year until TiP starts again, and the next holders begin the tradition.
Year Holders
2015 Thomas Williford and Jaxon Wilkerson
2016 The Milkman and Caroline Moore
2017 Reese Alley and Jakob Heiser *Note: it was originally given to Jonathon Kirkland, but he could not return
2018 Jack Campbell and Claire Turner *Note: it was originally given to Annalise Conradsen, but she was unable to return
2019 Ryan Griggs and Alex Lartonoix


  • The Hallelujah tradition is passed down to someone who expresses their love for TIP through music. They make all tipsters feel welcome and find a home in Myers.
  • On the night of the talent show, they lead the 4th years in Hallelujah by singing and playing guitar before speeches. This tradition occurs between Art and 4th year speeches.
Year Holder
2014 Evan Gambill
2016 Megan Wagner
2017 Barrie Weiner
2018 Zoey Brewer
2019 Annaleah Seufert

The Squid Hat

  • The Squid Hat is a tradition that is passed down to someone who realizes that a person doesn't have to try to be anyone but themselves at TiP, someone who loves TiP and the people there and realizes that that will never change. Originally worn by Robert Loveall at every single one of the dances, including TiProm.
  • Worn to all of the dances to symbolize the love for the uniqueness of every TiPster.
Year Holder
2016 - 2018 Robert Loveall
2019 Elliot Crosby

Philosopher’s Stone

    • Started: 2015
    • The 2015 Philosophy class was asked a question such as, “What if God lifted a rock so high that not even he can lift it?” So as a joke, the class said that the rock is God. Because of this, we made a religion out of the rock and the Philosopher’s Stone is that rock.
    • The person who has the rock is a geode because even though they’re hard on the outside they are beautiful and crystallized with the TIP spirit on the inside.
    • 2015 Stone Holder: ???
    • 2016 Stone Holder: ???
    • 2017 Stone Holder: Jonathan Martin
    • 2018 Stone Holder: Mel Giquel
    • 2019 Stone Holder: Benjamin Martin (Jon’s younger brother)

The UGA Beads

  • The UGA Beads, a necklace with silver, black, and red beading with a large bulldog pendant, was originally bought by Marley Price after her first year (3rd year) at TIP at UGA. She was on vacation in New Orleans and saw them and they reminded her of her home at UGA. She kept these beads until the June after her 4th year when she passed them down to Brooklyn Niravong. Marley told Brooklyn to do what she pleased with the beads, passing them down or not. Brooklyn proceeded to pass down the beads her 4th year. A common trait between holders of the beads is that they didn't go to UGA all three years available. They came to UGA their 3rd year but found it as a home just as quickly as those who went all three years. The beads are a sentiment that, although you may get thrown into the mess that is UGA your 3rd year, you can find a home and your family in spite of when or how you came. The person who holds the beads is someone who is kind and welcoming to everyone, but mostly hospitable. They will put what they're doing on hold to help someone, whether they know them or not. This person is warm, someone who can make someone feel right at home and comfortable.
Year Holder
2016-2017 Marley Price
2018 Brooklyn Niravong
2019 Madi Smith

The Mao Master

  • At UGA Term II, there is an official Mao Master. This tradition is passed down through two relics, the Mao Master Cape, and a notebook. A Google Doc containing the rules also exists, and is shared with all the past Mao Masters. There's some other duties the Mao Master has... but I can't tell you about them.
  • The Mao Master doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with the game of Mao. Why? I'm not allowed to tell you.
  • The current Mao master will pass down the relics and status of Mao Master to a 3rd year who is returning to UGA term 2. For reasons I can't tell you, it can't be passed down at the talent show.
Year Holders
2014-16 Unknown
2017 Max Wolff
2018 Scott Sauers
2019 Kieran Opela

Discontinued Traditions

  • TIP Anthem, which hasn't made an official reappearance since 2009
  • Lee
    • Lee was the On-Site Director at UGA during 2011
    • Rumored to be the reason TiP at UGA become one of the best TiP campuses
    • Lee is a certified bad-ass and all-around great guy. He is awesome. He is LEE! Enough said.
  • TiP King/Monarch (Discontinued in 2015, but Bailee Hayden was seen as the "unofficial" monarch)
  • The dress. It was started by Huston Collings. Previously worn by a term 1 fourth year boy at tip sync every year, it was discontinued in 2016.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee has a rich tradition at UGA Term 1 as some of the greatest players ever to touch a Frisbee played here. At this campus Frisbee is the greatest sport and those who are good at it are respected by all. Players such as Landon Willey, Dillon McDermott, Vinny, Milfred, Jeofry Wages, Max Beauchene, Josh Scarcella, Andrew "Dirty" Sanchez, Michael Lefkowitz, and many others who have amazing Frisbee skills. Grace Tse is also regarded as the only female Frisbee player (a dying race) and hopefully has encouraged more females to learn the art of Frisbee. Also worth mentioning are Kyle Norton and Keaton Mcmanamnamanmnmy (widely regarded as the same person), whose exploits, shenanigans, and general tom foolery on the field made up for their mediocre playing ability (No Keatoning!). Let the record show, however that in the highly controversial Staff-Student game of Term 1 2011 they scored the only two points to the staff's four in a game played to seven that reached time limit due to time constraints. However, these two outstanding individuals were greatly helped by their entire team, which was, in fact, better than the staff but the staff chose to do the game after DAWGfest when all the students were tired and had walked at least a mile and a half to the field. Overall, however, the staff played a good game and should be respected. In that regard, the students were playing on with heavier hearts by playing in and for the memory of their beloved Jack Lindsay, whom had left the term early due to undisclosed reasons. The opening pull was led by Dillon McDermott, shouting "For Jack" as a battle cry. The students went on to take a one nothing lead after outstanding defense and then a long pass from Dillon McDermott to Keaton McManamy. In conclusion, Ultimate Frisbee is the ultimate sport at UGA and thus should be respected by all UGA TIPsters.

I look forward to coming back as an RC and seeing if UGA is still the great Frisbee campus it was when I was a TIPster. -Kyle Norton

UGA Term 2, 2011 had some of the best players in the game however, such as Sam Trent and Bora Gunay. Sam, who by himself shut down the staff in the Staff vs. Student Ultimate game, and Bora who threw super accurate full field flicks, were super key components. In fact the last point of the game was from the students field zone and Bora flicked all the way into the other endzone to Taylor Douglas, right to his hands, he didnt even have to move. However UGA Term 2 frisbees is beginning to die slowly, more players are going to other sports such as lacrosse, and the quality of players is slowly deterioting. In Term 2, 2015 Ultimate Frisbee was revitalized by two outstanding third year frisbee players Chris Gregoire, and Sung Yong O, who have been called "The Frisbee Gods" by other Tipsters. They are known as two of the best frisbee players ever to grace the Myers Quad or any other quad before that, and according to Bora Gunay, are better than any Term 1, or 2 Tipster he has ever seen, aside from himself and Sam. Chris is known for, as well as Bora, his full field accurate flicks, while Sung is known for his backhand bombs which go incredible lengths. As many know, Term 2 has only beaten the staff once during Bora and Sam's time at tip. However, the tipsters only beat the staff with a fourth year team, after the staff had played against the whole campus. Overall Term 2 has the four best frisbee players to ever play at UGA in any term, Bora Gunay, Chris Gregoire, Sam Trent, and Sung Yong O. These four are the only four people who have ever led a team to a win against the staff.

During the term II 2016, for the first time in six years (If you count the unofficial 2011 game as an actual win), the students beat the staff. It was the first legitimate tipster win ever, as neither team had played before, and all tipsters were aloud to play. Though the win was a collaboration on the part of the whole campus, captain Chris Gregoire and his friend Sung carried the team to victory. In a game to 11, Chris threw 10 of the points, and had incredible full field flicks and good disc movement. The 10th point was a flick from end zone to end zone, curving just enough so that TA Kevin could not reach it and gliding into the hands of Tey Um. The TiPsters were rejuvenated after that point and went out playing hard. The final point, the students pulled, and Chris ran down and blocked a throw from a TA, and then threw a curving flick to the running hands of Sung. This was a very emotional moment for the whole camp: everyone stormed the field to lift up Sung, and tears could be seen in Chris's eyes, after they had done what they had wanted to do all four years. The final score was 11-6, the same score (just reversed) as the year that Chris Gregoire and Sung Yong-O first came to UGA.

In 2017, the Tipsters were led by the captain Savage Wilkerson, and Reese Alley, who had the duo frisbee. The Students started out great by jumping to a 4-0 lead, with people on the sidelines getting hype, and people in the game making excellent plays. The Staff soon made a comeback; however, the students where able to force half on a ridiculous diving catch from Morgan Sickles. To Start the second half Savage scored on a beautiful through from Josh Warren, and it was back and forth after that. Every tipster who touched the field played incredibly hard, and gave there all in the name of the Students. After the students scored making it 10-8, Reese Alley, Spencer Johnson, Uwem Wilson (speed god), Aaron Makar, Morgan Sickles, Josh, And Savage Wilkerson, took the field to close the game. The Staff scored off a throw from RC Will, and it was 10-9. The Last drive, the disc movement was amazing, and it culminated with new Frisbee god Spencer Johnson flicking it to the back of the end zone to Aaron who made the greatest frisbee catch UGA has ever seen in the back of the end zone. The students rushed the field and Celebrated in the Staff's end zone. It was awesome. Shoutout to everyone. Y'all got LIT on the sideline, and gave it 110% on the field, Brandon brilliant had to go to the hospital because he dove for the frisbee so much. You guys make me proud to be a UGA term II tipster.

The BIG Event

Traditionally, every year the first weekend contains an event known simply as The Big Event. The nature of this event is kept secret from the TiPsters until the day before, or in the case of Term 2 2014, the day of the event. It usually involves large teams of TiPsters working together to accomplish a task.

Past BIG Events

  • 2014
    • 2014's Big Event was The Amazing Race, in which TiPsters had to run around campus with team leaders (RCs or TAs) and accomplish various tasks in any order.
  • 2015
    • 2015's Big Event was ABC Scavenger Hunt, in which TiPsters ran around the Quad/Myers and acted out things that started with said letter, and received a score from 1-5 on it. The team with the highest score won.
  • 2016
    • 2016's Big Event was a team Amazing Race-style event, in which Tipsters formed 10 teams and completed challenges with RCs. The team who completed them the fastest won.
  • 2017
    • 2017's big event was four hours of free time
  • 2018
    • 2018's Big Event was TIPial Pursuit, in which Tipsters participated in a trivia competition between each RC group. RC Groups ran to each RC/RHL's door and answered a set of 10 trivia questions, and each RC had a different category.



Orange is a great color, don’t you think? It’s just such a majestic color. . . When I see orange I think “regal”, “royal”, and “dignified”..... I also think “fourth year.”

This is my fourth year at Duke TIP, and I’m loving it. I could go into why I feel such strong emotion toward what is known to the outside world as “nerd camp” but I think you all understand where I am coming from. Being my last year, I wanted to leave something behind. This is just that. This is my tribute to TIP... or should I say TIPute.

Now, before we delve any deeper, there is some terminology you must be familiar with to understand this TIPute. If you are a well-versed TIPster, feel free to skip over this section.


  • TIP: Love
  • TIPsters: TIP-goers
  • 4th Years: the oldest of the TIPsters who cannot return
  • Orange: The color of the 4th years’ shoelaces. Don’t mess with The Orange.
  • Shoelaces: TIP identifier, neon shoelaces worn around the necks, or in the pockets of TIPsters.
  • TIPropriate: acceptable for TIP
  • inTIPropriate: a term usually used sarcastically after a crude, but most likely funny, statement or action. Also coined by TIP-savvy instructors and other staff members. (Also said is "Not Tippropriate")
  • Privileges: *SEE LEE*
  • Opposite day: Take this to mean “cross dressing day”
  • RelationTIP: Relationship that spans the length of TIP and generally ends following, although not always
  • TIPbabies: Urban legend, children who were conceived at TIP, yet to be proven true
  • Official TIP Songs: Songs strongly associated with TIP, the very last songs played at the dances. These include: Wonderwall, Iris, Don't Stop Believing, Time Warp, End of The World, Good Riddance, Save Tonight, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and American Pie. These TIPically generate strong emotional reactions from TIPsters.
  • Circles: Formed at dances by TIPsters during TIP songs, 4th years in a small circle in the middle surrounded by everyone else.
  • TIPression: The feeling of depression following from returning home from TIP, can last up to 344 days in between TIP. Also referred to as TIPstalgia
  • TIPsick: The feeling of being away from TIP, often viewed by TIPsters as their true home.
  • TIP-tastic: Related to TIP in such a way that it is just awesome (similar to fantasTIP)
  • TIPunion: A meeting of TIPsters outside of TIP (generally large numbers)
  • RoadTIP: A journey cross country with TIPsters, picking them up on the way to another destination
  • RC: Residential Councelors, generally young. They are the head of your TIP household
  • RC group: Your TIP household
  • Ultimate: as in ultimate frisbee, the most popular sport at TIP
  • Quad: Grassy field utilized by TIP for ultimate, dawgfest/quadfest/PITfest, chilling, and other activities
  • Dawgfest: (also known as quadfest or PITfest depending on location) is a competition among TIPsters, the RC groups are broken up into color groups (almost always including red, blue, green and yellow). They then create a team name and cheer and participate in other activities for points. Some are: Rock Tree Bridge, jello snarfle, waterballoon toss, cheesy poof face, tug of war and more.
  • Teen Isolation Program: What we tell cheerleaders TIP stands for (We also tell them that the green shoelace means you attempted murder, the orange means you succeeded)
  • Doneion rings: An expression that was come up with by Jay Godfrey, in which a TiPster would say when they were "done" with you. (Usually said "I'm so doneion rings with you", and an official button was made of this expression by the best TA ever, and a former UGA Tipster, Grace Ryans.)
  • This is necessary: An expression that quotes the scary carrot song that Asa Guydo performed with his RC Group for tipsync term 1 2015
  • Oh TIP Whaddup: Used by TiPsters to censor their "dat boi" memes
  • Concussion Protocol: The scariest thing any tipster will ever hear, any impact to the head will send a tipster to the hospital for 24 hours

Scenarios Only Acceptable at TiP

TIP itself is another world. After you leave it’s very TIPical to become reclusive for several days after. This is know as a TIP hang over, or a TIP-over if you prefer. Now, during this period we all must watch ourselves because sometimes it’s hard to separate TIP from reality in your TIPression... and certain things only work at TIP. Here is a list to help you sort that out.

  • Cross dressing in public (particularly men): should you try this at home, you may gain an unwanted reputation, endure many catcalls, and who knows what else...
  • Forming circles at dances: use caution, unless you want to be shoved to the ground by people screaming “MOVE! THIS MY JAM!” I recommend you stick to the dancing generally accepted in your area
  • Publicly listening to TIP songs: Unless you have a stone heart, generally TIP songs move TIPsters to great emotion. Should you be caught in public listening to one, I highly recommend skipping over them, or even plugging your ears and humming. No one wants to be known as the freak who randomly starts crying.

TIP is a wonderful experience, more than wonderful its magical, otherwordly, awesome, fantastic... TIP is womagiworlsomastic..... but, it should come with a warning... there are some after effects..

Aftereffects of TiP

  • A brief period of seclusion, and/or depression
  • A fit of social media updating relating to TIP
    • adding friends
    • updating family
    • status updates etc.
  • Reaching for your shoelace repeatedly when it is not there
  • wearing your shoelace repeatedly when it is not necessary
  • spending excessive amounts of time on your phone
  • Withdrawal from the loss of campus food and area-specific delivery services
  • an unwillingness to unpack
  • continuously zoning out
  • Listening to TIP songs on a loop
  • the great urge to throw a Frisbee
  • waking up and momentarily being confused over your location
  • using terms unknown to those around you
  • finding seemingly random things funny
  • Not taking off the wristband that fed you for three glorious weeks


TIP, is a respectable program. And as we know, it is a privilege to be here. So, to make sure you enjoy your time at TIP and you do not disgrace the program here is a list of some Dos and Don’ts of TIP.

DO wear your shoelace

DON'T lose your room key

DO take showers

DON'T lock yourself out of your room after a shower

DO play ultimate

DON'T play for the wrong team

DO start a TIP family

DON'T abuse your privileges (see Lee for further details)

DO mess with your RC

DON'T fall asleep on the last night

DO push the button (you know, the one by the door)

DON'T abuse your Axe

DO cross dress (you can’t take it too far)

DON'T mess with Orange

DO mess with the cheerleaders

DON'T get lost in them

DO bring an instrument

DON'T be afraid to shed some tears

DO participate

DON'T waste time, you only have three weeks

DO take advantage of the buffet

DON'T forget to say goodbye

and always make sure to remember the commandments of tip...


1. TIP = love

2. Always obey the 4th years

3. beware of cafeteria ladies

4. (btw... you’re not actually here for class)

5. GET SOME! (TIP babies do exist)

6. Dances= hot, sweaty, crying messes

7. Jam sessions required

8. It is in fact a rite of passage to get hit in the face by a frisbee

9. Thou shalt shalt be rid of thine innocence

10. Again.... TIP= F****ing love!!!

11. TIP will forever be love.

12. Be yourself.

13. Accept everyone. No exceptions.

14. Make every year your best year.

15. Be open to new things.

16. The Circles are holy.

17. This is your real home.

18. TIP is unity.

19. TIP never ends.

20. TIP is unconditionally, inexorably, the essence of LOVE.

Commandments20.jpg Commandments.jpg

UGA TIPsters

2009 Original Fourth Years

Term I

  • Dustin Abnos "Paul Pierce" "Primo"
  • Gordon Glass "Vinny" "God" "Tiptator/King"
  • Connally Barry
  • Danielle Bedard
  • Aren Besson "Milfred" "Queen"
  • Chad Boatner "Animal"
  • Emily Polur
  • Amanda Boehlke
  • Casey Brand
  • Kelly Marie Castro "The Cuban"
  • Seth Gordon
  • Clare Howerton
  • Brandon Hoyos "Rudy Fernandez" "Primo" "Papi Chulo"
  • Jennifer Hutchinson
  • Angie Jeong
  • Christian Jester "LeBron"
  • James Kotel "Asian"
  • Emily Kruse
  • Hannah Lefton "Penelope"
  • Chris Mcgahee
  • Abbey Meller
  • JJ Netter
  • Ihuoma Nwaogwugwu
  • Mark Olsson "Big Baby"
  • Hannah Organick
  • Drew Paulman "AK 47"
  • Joseph Perez
  • Maya Gringas
  • Enrique Ramirez "Tony Parker" "Caliente"
  • Connor
  • Sam Scroggins
  • Micheal Green aka "Marcus South" "Kobe" "Shut up Micheal!" "Miguel Verde"
  • Hannah Stern
  • Henry Thomas
  • Jeofry Wages
  • Jamie Ward
  • Thompson Way

Term 2

  • Nic "Jesus" Ballinger
  • Cassidy Bingham
  • Mark "QB" Bernhard
  • Jeff Brehm
  • Shannon Bush
  • Leanne Castro
  • Emily Dong
  • Yolanda Douglas
  • Rose Fox
  • Chloe Gagin
  • Micheal Green
  • Jill Hattaway
  • Emmie Heath
  • Kenneth Hill
  • Stefan Isaza
  • Brendan Loomis
  • Steven "Sweet Java Brown" Lyga
  • Christopher Nesmith
  • Lena Ray
  • Josh "Shadow" Snadow
  • Austin "Oh Snap!" Terry
  • Dan (Pong) Weitzman