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All current events should include dates, and enough appropriate information for visitors.

Articles can be marked with the {{current}} template.


Term 1: Term 1 has, sadly, passed (2017 T1 ended 1 July 2017)
Term 2: Term 2 has, sadly, passed as well. (2017 T2 ended 29 July 2017)
Note: Christopher Tate has vowed to become a 5th Year in 2017 successfully became the eighth Fifth Year in TIP History! Shoutout to ASU Term 2, where he currently is attending another summer camp. PLEASE say hi if you see me!

Note: Not quite current but pronouns are now a thing you can add to your TIPwiki user box thingy. See Isaac Kwatra for an example.

Tipster Statistics

I don't quite know where to put this but there is a survey for tipsters to take that shows a lot of interesting TIP statistics. Link Here: Survey