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The Premiums is another name for Cathy's first ever RAG at Duke West Term 1 2013. Composed of all third years, it was obvious from the first day that we were definitely the loudest RAG out of all the third year girl RAGS. All the members of this RAG loved Cathy so much. Cathy was definitely super supportive of everything we did and we love Cathers so much for that.


  • Sydney-Most likely to listen to Eric Church
  • Evelyn-Most likely to lose her Sole
  • Taylor-Most likely to be a Southern Belle
  • Katherine-Most likely to have packed everything
  • Crissy-Most likely to be a volleyball star
  • Sarah-Most likely to be hipster
  • Autumn-Most likely to be premium
  • Noushin-Most likely to have the best style
  • Raina-Most likely to be an Indy Artist
  • AB-Most likely to be a KGB spy
  • Aparna-Most likely to have the cutest facial expressions
  • Alyson-Most likely to have Girl Swag


Basic and Premium

Premium is like...well it's kind of know when..All I know is that Cathy's RAG is premium and you're basic, bye. [Note: They also got in trouble for calling other kids basic. Premium and basic were popular terms in Forensic Science as well.]


Autumn and Taylor were roommates at TIP. The first night Cathy told us we were going to have a door decorating contest, so Autumn for some reason brought Christmas lights with her, and obviously this gives them an advantage. They hung the lights on their door and since they both had an obsession with Channing Tatum, they named their door Taytumn. They also drew a winky face on their door signs and made a mouth with its tongue sticking out of duct tape.

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Marshmallow Icebreaker

Cathy was definitely so awesome for doing this. During our RAG meeting after the first day of class, Cathy pulled out a bag of marshmallows and told us to pass them around and to try not to eat them for she had something better we were going to do with them. A lot of us were thinking, "What could be better than eating marshmallows?" Now we know that this icebreaker was for sure, better than eating marshmallows. How it worked was that one person in the circle would list facts about themselves and when other members of the RAG had something in common with that person, they would throw a marshmallow at them. This was probably the best icebreaker any of us could've played ever. As people in the circle went around listing facts about themselves, people were screaming, laughing and there were numerous incidents where people got marshmallows squished on their butts (including Cathy). That was just a super fun RAG meeting.

1000911 531843863520096 907495693 n.jpg

The aftermath of the marshmallow icebreaker.

First RAG night

The first RAG night we had was eating Chinese food and watching the movie "The Notebook" in O commons. Most of the members of the RAG hadn't seen this movie so I guess you could say we lost our watching "The Notebook" virginity that night. The movie itself screwed all of us over and so did the TV because in the last 10 minutes of the movie all of a sudden the TV stopped working. By this time most of us were crying messes, so what ended up happening was most of Cathy's RAG crowded around a laptop during 9:30-10 free time just dying to know what the ending was. It was definitely one of the most memorable RAG nights ever.

Cup Song

Members of our RAG started this one time at dinner during the first week. It was where some members of the RAG tried to do the cup song with multiple cups in sync while passing the cups around. This was done multiple times throughout the term and would only usually work for a couple of rounds before turning into a mess.

Creamsicle Jokes

One of the things Autumn was known for was eating nothing but pasta and orange creamsicles during meals. On the popsicle sticks of the creamsicles, there was always a joke. Autumn got into the habit of telling us the joke on the popsicle stick during dinner. The first joke was definitely the most memorable. It was "What did the hotdog say after the race? I'm the wiener!!" Although other popsicle stick jokes after that were funny as well, that one was definitely the funniest out of them all. (Autumn had also established with her friends from Forensic Science that creamsicles were the only thing that she loved that loved her back as well. Autumn also realized that her life had no meaning anymore after she got a joke that read; "Why shouldn't you work for elephants? They pay in peanuts.")


RelationTIPs were prevalent in our RAG. A lot of the members were in relationTIPs. Here is the list of the "official" relationTIPs in our RAG.

  • Wil and Sydney (They're doing long distance. It's so cute)
  • Zac and Taylor
  • Will and Raina
  • Andrew and Sarah
  • CANESH!!!! (ANESH AND CATHY FOR LYFE) <----- Possibly the most shipped relationTIP in our RAG even though Cathers denies it.


For TIPsync Cathy's RAG did a mashup of Sk8r Boi/Tearin up my Heart/Ignition Remix. Through the song they told a story of a sk8r boi pining for a girl in "Sk8r boi" and then them getting together in "Tearin up my Heart" and him telling her how he felt in "Ignition Remix". It was so awesome to practice. Originally they were going to do a Sk8r Boi and Stacy's Mom mashup but Parth's group stole that which initiated Cathy personally calling Parth and the whole RAG yelling at him. The Ignition part of their mashup required them to borrow caps and wearing sunglassees inside. A lot of the caps came from Duncan or were the parts played in the TIPsync

  • Sk8r Boi-Autumn
  • Sk8r Girl-Sarah
  • Sk8r Boi's bros-Sydney and Taylor
  • Narrator-Alyson
  • Sk8r Girl's friends-Rest of the RAG

Just another note, in the Ignition part of the mashup there were words in the chorus that were classified as "not TIPpropriate" such as "rum" and "drunk". To keep this part of the mashup in our lipsync, we had to come up with a way to censor those words. We finally decided to scream TIP when a not TIPpropriate word came on. This could be seen as a reference to what happened at Duke West 2012 Term 1 during American Pie which many members of the RAG witnessed. The censor was very successful and Nichelle even applauded the RAG for keeping it TIPpropriate.

Ho Hey

A lot of members of Cathy's RAG were actually very musically talented. 5 members of the RAG teamed up and did a cover of the song "Ho Hey" for the talent show. Alyson and Autumn were the lead singers while Sarah and Evelyn were back up and Raina played the song on her guitar. It definitely was one of the things that brought the RAG closer together. The rest of the RAG gave them undeniable support during the talent show.


Cathy's RAG was a part of the victorious blue team for quadfest along with Duncan, Ty(who was captain), and Morgan's RAGs. Blue was definitely the most spirited team for quadfest and they especially hated on grellow. Autumn came up with the term GrelLOL which was used a lot on the Blue team. Alyson along with the help of Erin Ringel and Jacob Thompson came up with a song for grellow that went: Grellow's not a color, Grellow's not a color, No it's not, No it's not, Grellow's not a color, Grellow's not a color, so just stop, so just stop. Although Cathy stopped the blue team from hating on grellow in the middle of quadfest, our grellow hating chants were some to remember.

Last Nights

After the last dance a lot of us were crying through our RAG meeting. It was a super emotional time because a lot of us were close to fourth years and nutella was our best friend. There were numerous crying sessions during the last Thursday and Friday and Saturday. We were all so close and really just didn't want to leave TIP. On the last night at around 1 or 2 in the morning Cathy was signing termbooks and Alyson and Autumn were overlooking the staircase when they saw girls in Stapors RAG pass by off hall. Alyson and Autumn told Cathy, "Cathy, we're really good kids. Just be glad." Cathy all confused asked why and they just replied,"We can't tell you but we're really good kids, just know that."

After TIP

Members of the RAG have promised to stay close and have even talked to Cathy through facebook message. Hopefully they'll stay close throughout the school year and reunite for an awesome fourth year.

Inside Jokes

  • "Bitch are you a 14 on the pH scale? Cuz you BASIC."
  • "That's so #premium!"
  • "Popped a Molly I'm sweatin Whoo!"
  • "Taytumn!"
  • "CANESH!!"
  • "Baby you a song you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruiiissseee"
  • *initiates any kind of twerking*
  • Life is like a stripper you never know who's going to enter

Sneaky Sleepovers

During the last week, Sarah & Sydney (who were roommates) plotted with Autumn & Taylor (also roommates) to have a sleepover. This happened twice. First, Sydney and Autumn simply switched rooms for the night. This happened by them simply going out into the hall around midnight and going into the other's room. (This was made easier due to the fact that the rooms were directly across from each other). The next night, Sydney and Sarah went into Taytumn's room for a 4-way slumber party. They went over there around midnight, carrying with them many blankets and pillows. The girls stayed up and ate and talked and laughed and it was very very fun. :) Eventually, they all fell asleep on the floor on a giant bed made of many pillows and blankets and sweatshirts. Also, since the nook on the hall was visible through the peephole of Sydney and Sarah's room, the girls were able to know when their RC Cathy had gone back to her room and the coast was clear. This was very helpful when planning the sneakout.

1002084 540455225992293 457367180 n.jpg

Members from left to right: Taylor, Sydney, Autumn, Sarah, Evelyn, Crissy, Alyson, Noushin, Raina, AB, Aparna, Katherine and Cathy is the one in front of Evelyn