The Pastorship

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Brooke Huffman and Noah Risley, previous Preachers, at the last dance 2018.


The Pastorship was started by Roberto Delgado in 2017, when he decided to start preaching random things to groups of second and third years on the quad. Originally it was to make fun of modern religion, but he would also give out advice. When the tradition was passed down to Noah Risley, they decided to make their own spin on the relic, turning the Pastor into a Duke Dad of sorts. They adopted nearly every second and third year on campus, and would give them advice. The Pastor has to be someone who is willing to meet tons of people, has amazing advice to give, and just loves helping others. It's also kind of about just being one of the loudest, and often most obnoxious, people on campus. The Pastor must be extremely outgoing but also have a kind of unique sense of humor and attitude towards religion and cliques of all kinds. Overall, Pastors are gregarious in nature, compassionate, but filled with a healthy amount of skepticism and sarcasm. It is important that the Pastor be someone without a dislike for any specific religion. Singling people out based on denomination or overall religion defeats the point of the Pastorship.

Shift in Tradition

After Roberto Delgado passed The Pastorship down to Noah Risley, they changed the meaning of the Pastorship a little bit. Instead of making fun of modern religion and giving sermons, the Pastor was now a Duke Parent, helping everyone. Brooke Huffman, Duke Mom Extraordinaire, continued this tradition in 2019.

The Talent Show of 2019 signified the officiation of the Pastorship as a relic, along with the Sweatbands and other relics. When Brooke passed it down to Lily Martin, there was some uncertainty as to what was going to happen. There was talk of retiring it, changing it completely, or keeping it going as Noah and Brooke had. Instead of doing any of these things, Lily decided to contact the original Pastor, Roberto, for some advice. She will have disciples like Roberto and preach around the quad as he did, but she will also adopt every single greenie that she could and help them out.

The Pastorship will still poke fun at modern religion, whilst also being a force for good, just like Noah and Brooke intended. When Lily received the Pastorship, the relic was a little blue Iris from Brooke Huffman, which she promptly broke like 14 hours after receiving it. Her father has yet to glue it back together. As of before the 2020 term, it is still uncertain what the new physical manifestation of the relic will be, though Lily is contemplating a Pope Hat. Noah Risley has a very clear anti-hat stance but Lily really wants a hat. Like she really, really, really wants a hat.


Year Preacher
2017 Roberto Delgado
2018 Noah Risley
2019 Brooke Huffman
2020 Lily Martin