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HELLO ALL! this is vermonster's daddy, Taush. vermonster has a facebook page if you did not know already, and all TiPsters are welcome as friends, especially Easters.

Srsly? You made vermonster a facebook? His mother will flip!

This site is kinda confusing... What is the purpose of this talk page? Just to post random things?

Why does noone ever post on asu, this makes all us asu tipsters very sad inside, very sad. Patrick Meek

Added links

Hey, I was wondering if you thought the links I added to Facebook and Groupie were explained sufficiently. I wasn't sure if they needed to sound 'fancier' or if it was just me. - jflory

Here they are again, if you wanted to type your own explanation up.

TiP Nation on Facebook Duke TIP on Groupie

There's also a good bit of discussion regarding the TIP Wiki on the shiny new DukeTip80sAlumni on Facebook including references to Tipsters whose kids are now Tipsters. How's that for weird and cool. - Pepi

TIP or TiP?

Is it just stylized TiP? -Spacenut (talk) 14:22, 30 July 2013 (EDT)

Talent Identification Program = TIP (acronym = ALLCAPS) - Pepi

TiP.... it's like that everywhere else

Ike for president

Vote for Ike 2020



As of Term 1 West 2017, we are no longer allowed to make our own shirts. We must instead pick from pre designed shirts made by our teachers that will be boring and absent of inside jokes from the term that we know and love. There have been signs posted around campus to save our shirts. We must protest and rebel. They cannot take this beloved TIP tradition from us.

This is confirmed to be occurring at most of, if not all of, the other TIP campuses, for some absurd reason.