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Can we get some examples of what was on it? Anthony 20:26, 2 August 2006 (MST)


"Andrew's cooler than beastiality!"

"Andrew's got the magic of Clorox!"

"A certain loud 'SHUT UP!' silences all of Giles Dorm..."

"Andrew is the best RC ever..."

"Wir lieben dich Andreas! Gleich so viel wie wir lieben die Llama!"

"Emo kids love Andrew! He doesn't make them smile!"

"Andrew loves Hello Kitty!"

"Andrew's milkshake brings all the girls to the hall!"

Emo Kids Quote Accuracy

I thought that quote was: "Emo kids even love Andrew, he makes them smile!", does anyone remember what it was?


Yeah, he DEFINATELY made them smile. Even if that didn't interact completely with the picture, it definately said he made them smile. If one more person can verify this, then I'll be convinced. Anyone remember what the sign said?

I wrote the sign, it's true, you guys. I don't know who posted that; I didn't catch the error. Maxine