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The Beginnings

Although nobody knows where the TIP Spirit truly originated, his/her actions were first witnessed at the Towers Residence Hallin Georgia Tech during Term 1, 2017. It regularly goes around the dorm, erasing and marking different objects. It is unknow how the Tip Spirit picks its next target, but it is has been linked to targeting those who indulge in nonTippropriate activities.

Note: Helen's RC group "won" the rights to the TIP Spirit for a week during TIPvial pursuits, but they were never the real owners of the TIP Spirit, they are impostors. The TIP Spirit is not property; it is a righteous being/benevolent being/malevolent being that roams the many (4) hallways of the Georgia Tech campus, and therefore is not able to be "won".

The End

One day during Term 2, 2017 at Georgia Tech, the TIP Spirit dissapeared. Someone stole it, but whom you may ask? Sadly we don't know, and it is still a mystery. Whomever stole it has not confessed yet, but hopefully, one day the mystery will be solved. If you have any leads or maybe you stole it, add it here so the truth can be revealed


  • Marks campus reading material and pastes on bathroom walls.
  • Erasing the ENTIRETY of Jared (The RC)'s group's whiteboard, only leaving behind the calling card: “The TIP Spirit was here.”
  • Probably being Jared
  • But you can't confirm it