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The Sex-on-Legs hat is a red baseball cap with the letter "S" in white on the front. It is a semi-unoffical tradition, but is growing stronger as it keeps getting more and more well known. It has been passed down since 2008, from the original SOL who is Michael Nirenberg. He got the nickname because he wore the red hat with the white S for it and no one knew what it meant. For a while he was just called Syracuse but it morphed into Sex on Legs because Michael is just that guy. Turns out the S stood for some private school his friend went to. He took Algebra 2 at East Term 2. He's currently going to McGill (The "harvard of canada"). He also coined the phrase "K-Woff Take it Off" in reference to Katie Wofford. Today, the hat goes to the most eligible, charismatic third year boy.

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2008: Michael Nirenberg

2009: Michael Nirenberg

2010: Michael Nirenberg

2011: Eita Yamaguchi

2012: Thomas Gozenbach

2013: Leland Ott

2014: Preston Taylor

2015: Kyle Dickson

2016: Hank Humphries

2017: Quinn Cooper (It was originally intended to go to Josef Ernst, but he couldn't come back and Quinn killed it)

2018: Michael Bell

2019: Sasha Robertson