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Sara Whitman
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) AC, RC, UGA
Attended 2016, 2017, 2018
Course(s) Creative Writing, Psychology, The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity
RAG(s) (Kelly's Jelly Bellies)
Roommate(s) Esther Kwon, Mary Elizabeth Rudd, Alyssa Lesmond
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Sara Whitman is a current student enrolled with the DukeTiP program. She attended Austin College as a first year (2016)
Sara and Isabelle During Their First Year at TiP with Teacher, Brian
Rollins her second (2017), and UGA her third year (2018). She is located in Hopkinsville, KY and is a proud mother of several cats. Sara prides herself on being an avid Kpop fan and loves to play the ukulele and do musical theater.



  • 2016 : Creative Writing at Austin College.
  • 2017 : Psychology at Rollins
  • 2018 : The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity at UGA

Years at TiP


Sara Whitman attended Austin College as a first year with the Summer Studies program during its first term. She was placed in the Creative Writing course with Brian as the teacher and Kristin as the TA. Sara was known as Austin College's infamous "Taco Bell Girl" due to the fact that on the way to the campus from the airport, she lost her phone at a Taco Bell which later mailed her phone to her during the term's second week. She was placed in Danielle's Donuts. That year, Sara performed an excruciatingly bad cover of Lost Boy by Ruth B. at the Talent Show when she performed first. Sara's roommate was Esther Kwon. Sara Whitman and several other TiPsters created Hobokinsm, a religion that revolves around a murderous clown created by the students in Creative Writing. Hobokin was an accidental creation when Lillian Soule notably created him in a comedy prompt she wrote during the first week of camp. Sara was unarguably a very friendly TiPster as she was notorious for being included in three different cliques: The Emos, Asian Sensations, and extremely popular and basic girls. She is known for the quote "my eyelashes are so long because I keep my secrets there" when asked why her eyelashes were so long by former TiPster, Tom who at the time went by the name Connor. During this year Sara and Isabelle Milford purchase two stuffed animal sharks while on a field trip with their class. They named the sharks Rin and Neil who later got married the following year at Rollins. Sara also had a crush on some kid named Rex, but we don't talk about him... ever.


During her second year with TiP, Sara went to Rollins with the Summer Studies program. Prior to when she attended Term 1, Sara became internet best friends with Mary Elizabeth Rudd. The two met during the first day of TiP where they became roommates and during the few months before Term 1 had formed a trio called the D Detectives with Mary and Isabelle Milford. Sara could be seen in her RCG's common room having a jam session on instruments with friends. Also, she often played Bottletics with Sander and her RCG. Halfway through the term, a second roomate was placed with Mary and Sara named Alyssa. During the time Sara spent at Rollins, Sara was enrolled in Psychology where she met Sander. The two became close friends and eventually evolved into a RelationTiP formally called Sarander.
sara and sander rollins term 1 2017
Undeniably, the couple was crowned as the campus' favorite couple. The two were often seen together in common rooms and walked to class holding hands and chatting with each other. At TiPSync Sara and Mary Elizabeth Rudd took on the roles of Tracy (Sara) and Link (Mary) for their RC group (Kelly's Jelly Bellies) revival of "You Can't Stop the Beat" from Hairspray. The group, which is totaLLY UNFAIR, sadly took home 3rd place although they deserved 1st place. Later that term, Sara performed Hallelujah on the ukulele while also singing at DukeTiP's annual Talent Show. Mary Elizabeth Rudd was her personal mic stand as there were none present. Sara and Mary were often spotted with daughter, Jessica, as a family. Sara took role as the mother of Jessica while Mary was the father. Sara is known for screaming"HHHEEESSSIIIICCCAAAA" at the top of her lungs when addressing her daughter.
sara and mary on the first day of Rollins College term 1 2017
Sara Whitman and Isabelle Milford during Foxfest


who knows bro

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