Sadie Ray Ritt

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Sadie Ray Rittenberry is truly an amazing person who is loved by everyone. So far she has attended West 2017 and West 2018. Sadie’s first year at West she was in Ana’s RAG and she was in Psychology of Decision Making. In PODM, Sadie met her best friend Natalie Bardin (Nat). Sadie had a relationTIP with Luke Yium. Sadly, this relationTIP did not continue into her third year. While Sadie was a third year at West, she was in Kirsten’s RAG and was roommates with her best friend, Nat. Every night her and Nat would get turnt to various songs such as Jordan Belfort. Every night an RC would also knock on their door around 12-1am which they ignored every time. Sadie was in a relationTIP with Chris Sedlock and was in neuroscience. She loved her neuroscience class and had many great friends in it. Sadie is a super cool person and super kind. Follow her on Instagram @sadierayritt