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Ro (technically Clipson) is one of the many amazing TiPsters who grace Duke East Campus. They are all Sorts of queer (transmasc non-binary/genderqueer, pansexual). They went to Davidson Term 1 2013, and Duke East Term 1 2014. Though technically their name is Clipson, they prefer, say, anything. To the point where they will suffer through terrible puns, such as "Thorne". Has a fan club -> Rose Fanclub (was not consulted about this. It happened at East, apparently.) The fanclub consists of people who have the hots for them, including but not limited to Claudia Smith, Olivia Berry, Lawrence Suba, and Jack Grossman (Titanic).

While at Davidson, Term 1, 2013, they were "that one" who sat in the corner and read les mis all day. Ro and Haylee were roommates, and they always answered the door when members of the Haylee Peters Fanclub came knocking. They were in Rachel Maskin's RC group (Rachel's Rainicorns) and took Neuroscience. Haylee peters and Ro were the closest rommates ever. Ro and Haylee both agreed that sleep was for the weak and basically didn't sleep for three weeks. They stayed up late eating twizzlers and goldfish while talking about their lives and preforming glowstick rituals.

Now, on to East, 2014. They were one of the original members of the Very Super Queer Room at Duke East.

Ro and Claudia Smith were in love and facetimed almost every day (circa 2014). Ro always brought Claudia coffee in the morning and pastries to wake her up like 10 minutes before class started. They were in Symbols and Structures and generally enjoyed discussing giant lesbian orgies, the secret meaning of Alice in Wonderland. "So, naturally..." Likes Gerard Way too much to be healthy, and thoroughly believes Frank Iero is a babe. Claudia helped Ro dye their hair blue during term with smuggled Manic Panic from hot topic. They only dressed in and did not fail to wear combat boots and black skinny jeans even in 100 degree weather).

Roomed with Casey, and one time their Ro's grandmother sent them a package that had cheese inside. Literally. It was so weird. It smelled really bad and Lawrence had to take it to the trash can because no one else would even go near it.(You're welcome) Ew. But they were also sent assorted candies and cookies that were absolutely delicious. Ro had a lot of fandom themed clothing that Claudia always stole.