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RAG meeting.

A RAG (Resident Assistant Group, renamed Residential Activity Group after the switch from RA to RC) is group of TIPsters who live on the same hall. All members of a RAG are of the same sex. One exception to this was in the summer of 2010, when Amar Reddy and Jeremy (Britt) Hatcher were officially inducted into Kat Bryant's rag in exchange for 2 giant brownies and 2 cakes to their former RC, Matt Love. Another rare instance was during the 2015 Rollins term two when, after spending most of her free time on the fifth floor, Bria Weisz became a member of Jo's rag.

This group is governed by an RC. At Davidson, Appalachian State University, Texas A&M, UGA, Trinity, Rollins, Austin College, Rice University, and the University of Kansas they are called RC Groups. RAGs attend meals together (the first two breakfasts and all dinners), and usually are the unit of grouping for campus-wide events like Casino Day, Treasure Hunt, etc.

Co-ed RAG's existed until 1997 for all except first year TIPsters. At one point, there weren't even co-ed floors because of parents' fears of intippropriate things happening.