"Mitch, please"

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A phrase popularized by the "That's Debatable" class at New College of Florida in Term II of 2012. One of Thats debatables MANY memorable quotes


It was a quiet day in debate class, except for Mitch, who kept complaining.Everyone was about to snap when Ragan (El Presidente) piped up sassily, "Mitch, please." This outburst caused the entire class including the teachers to erupt into raucous laughter. Even Mitch laughed, probably because he had no idea what the funny thing was. From that day forth, Mitch's name was used as a basic substitute for almost any word. EX: "Stop mitching around" "You're such a mother-mitching idiot!" and of course the original " Mitch please!" The members of the class have vowed to bring this trend to their respective hometowns when they return.