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Michael “MJA" Panarisi (a.k.a. POP) is a 2017-2020 tipster who attended Davidson term I in 2017, and Georgia Tech term II in 2018. He, Bruce “Elijah” Fleming, and an Undisclosed Person (known by Michael) are some of the only people known to be able to do the “human GPS” trick. His passion for music, engineering, technology, and navigation has made him one of the most well known Tipsters in the Duke TiP Program.

Davidson Term I 2017

Being Michael's first time at Duke TIP, he did not exactly know what to expect from a summer camp environment. However, he had a wonderful time, and made many new friends, as well as exploring many new places and learning new lessons on making new friends, and learning about life away from parents.

Building Designs

Michael's class at Davidson was called Engineering Problem Solving. A few days before the term ended, Michael and the rest of the class were asked to design a building. As a result of this project, Michael soon came up for designs for more than 30 buildings, full aspects and architectural setup.

Star Center Marriott

Though the design was initially for a building of the same name and design in Tampa, Florida, the design idea has been moved to Miami due to Height Proximity. The Sky Center Marriott design shows a 55-story hotel / convention / sky-deck building with many aspects off of multiple Atlanta and New York hotels, including the downtown Marriott and Hilton. It was spoken to have a 48-story atrium with lounges dividing some parts of the atrium every 8 floors. On the roof of the hotel design shows a glass-topped revolving restaurant and lounge made for night-time viewing of the stars. He estimates that the normal nightly rates would be from $250 to $1500 per night in a standard room.

One Park Plaza Destin

Throughout the rest of the day after Star Center Marriott was designed, Michael wondered about some other buildings that he could design. That night, he had a dream about leaving a restaurant in a set of elevators in a tall building, presumably Destin, Florida. According to his knowledge of elevators then, the elevators seemed like a "ThyssenKrupp Fusion / MAD BS". He claimed that something didn't seem right about the elevators in his dream. He said, "There seemed to be more than 2 call buttons, and there was this weird setup and feel." Michael didn't think much about the design until that Christmas, where he read about the "Coda Building" in Georgia tech, with high-level design appeals. He remembered his dream from Duke TiP, and immediately set to work on the design for a 24-Story office and convention plaza in Destin designed as "Tower 14 Offices Destin", "due to the the rarity of high-rise office buildings in Destin." At around the same time, Michael came up with a design for a 14-Story Gaylord Hotel labeled as "Gaylord Emerald". Initially, these 2 designs were separate, but for space and convenience, they were placed together.


In Michael's dream, the elevators at One Park Plaza were "different". To follow his dream the closest, he designed a custom "Destination Dispatch" panel, soon to take the design name as AGILE+ / Dynamic ID. In this setup, a floor is selected to an elevator before (a) passenger(s) enter the elevator. They are then directed to an individual elevator car (normally the one used the least that day), which groups the calls by a restricted range of floors. The elevator then automatically takes them to their desired floor(s). Later designs matched that of the GA Tech Coda Building, including that of two independent elevator cabs within a single elevator shaft.

Talent Show: Navigation 001

To everyone's surprise, Michael did not perform a music / architectural act in the talent show. Instead, he asked the audience for 2 Major cities, and navigated them around the continental USA. From this point forward, he was well known around the Duke TIP program, and planned to remain in the program all 4 years, as well as doing navigation in the talent show every year.

2nd Year: Georgia Tech Term II 2018

While being used to strict rules and regulations, Michael was surprised to see there being multiple fewer rules at GA Tech term II than at Davidson, such as access to all floors and stairwells, and no designated laundry room trips. The staff even let him use the elevator a few times! Unfortunately, this caused confusion for Michael, as he put in many safety systems to help control the TiPsters. Unfortunately, every system was sabotaged to the point of no return.

Southeast Stairwell Express

When Michael looked around all the floors on the first week to meet people, he was repeatedly run over by stampede of people going from floors 1-3, whilst limited traffic to floor 4. This also made the South and Southwest stairwells empty. As a result, Michael put in a restriction on the stairwell which traffic can only come to/from floor 4. This resulted in fewer people transferring on the Southeast Stairwell, thus lowering traffic to intermediate floors and more traffic to upper floors.

Floor Access Up Access Down Notes
4 🚫 🔻Access to from all floors Roof level: no higher floors
3 🔺To 4th floor only 🔻No access from 3rd floor: traffic from floor 4 only No exit from lower floors
2 🔺To 4th floor only 🔻No access from 2nd floor: traffic from floor 4 only No exit from floors 1 and 3
SR 🚫 🚫 Emergency Exit Only
1 🔺 To 4th floor only 🚫 Lowest floor served by stairwell
CC 🚫 🚫 Not served by stairwell
0 🚫 🚫 Not served by stairwell
CS 🚫 🚫 Not served by stairwell

Navigation 002

With his new friend Bruce “Elijah” Fleming, he decided to partner up with him and do a second navigation act at the talent show. The procedure followed the same as the previous year, except most of the time Michael and Elijah alternated directions; Michael said one direction, and Elijah said the next.