Maud van der Beek

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normally be found hanging out with Rylee Bacot, Kenna Ebert, Sarah Mclean and Cecilia Poston.


  • She is one of Eric Zhang's four mothers
  • Destroyer of Spongebobs
  • Known for weird lettuce eating habits
  • Has been known to eat an excessive amount of ice cream over the course of three weeks
  • Always gets her name mispronounced (rhymes with cloud)
  • She plays Mercutibro in Bromeo and Dudeliet.
  • Was part of the grellow team in 2016 that placed first (see The Grellow Victory of 2016)
  • Together with fourth year Rylee Bacot, mothered two second year boys: Wyatt and Kyle
  • Spongemom
  • enjoys listening to smooth jazz at 3 am
  • Was present for The Carter Incident of 2016
  • Is from Canada and can withstand temperatures down to -13 degrees when sleeping
  • Is Dutch
  • Doesn't know the national anthem


  • "I am a werewolf."
  • "Kyle and Wyall"
  • "Look at all of the fourth year bi's."
  • "On your birthday, it's gonna be coming."