Mary Elizabeth Rudd

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Mary Elizabeth Rudd
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) ASU, RC, UGA
Attended 2016, 2017, 2018
Course(s) Science on the Appalachian Trail, Aerospace Engineering, American Foreign Policy
RAG(s) Imani's, Kelly's (Kelly's Jelly Bellies)
Roommate(s) Anna Undalova, Sara Whitman, Alyssa
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Mary Elizabeth Rudd is a current third year from Charlotte, North Carolina, who attended Appalachian State University her first year, Rollins College her second year, and will be attending University of Georgia for her third (and possibly last) year. She's in drumline, plays mens lacrosse, and is probably the most die hard Duke fan ever to exist, which makes her love Duke TIP even more.


  • Didn't die while hiking Grandfather Trail in 2016
  • Was an emcee at the Rollins 2017 Talent Show and made a handful of amazing puns with Thomas
  • Preformed "You Can't Stop The Beat" at TiP Sync 2017 with Kelly's Jelly Bellies. She instantly became known as the 'lead male' as she took on the role of Link Larkin (Zac Efron) during the performance. Part of the performance included picking up and spinning Sara Whitman, and the move instantly became iconic throughout the campus.
  • Winning the Aerospace Engineering paper airplane flying contest in 2017
  • Was named UGA Alphay Gay 2019!

Years at TiP


Mary Elizabeth went to Appalachain State University term II for her first year. She took Science on the Appalachian Trail with Dr. Travis Haas (Instructor) and Jennifer Bergman (TA), and it was probably the most grueling thing she's ever done in her life. She was in Imani's RC group, and they preformed Under the Sea for TiP Sync. Mary Elizabeth's roommate was Anna, and the two bonded over art, living in the same city, and emo things like Fall Out Boy. Included in her friend group were Peter Cromie, Jax (who she went to the last dance with), Robert Hackle (one of the best darndest dudes on the planet), and Anna Undalova (her roommate). In the fall of 2017, Mary Elizabeth learned that a fellow member of her marching band, Keiran Opela, had also attended ASU term II in 2016, and thus started a beautiful tip-band friendship.


For her second year, Mary Elizabeth went to Rollins College term I. She was in Aerospace Engineering with Fan Geng (Instructor) and Alberto Quiroga (TA). She could not for the life of her understand any of the math they did in that class, so she frequently looked forward to all the documentaries about old planes her class would watch. Her RC was Kelly Dolan, and her group Kelly's Jelly Bellies put on one of the most iconic TiP Sync performances in the history of TiP with "You Can't Stop The Beat" from Hairspray. She was also an official emcee and mic-stand at the talent show. Her roommate and best friend was Sara Whitman, and the two had been internet friends until they met on move in day. Mary Elizabeth and Sara were part of a trio called the D Detectives with Isabelle Milford. later on in the term, Alyssa was added to Mary and Sara's dorm. Mary rarely got up early enough to eat breakfast, so she sustained herself off of caffeinated clif bars People in her friend group included Sara Whitman (her roommate and best internet friend of all time), Isabelle, all of the members of Kelly's Jelly Bellies, Nathan Maynard, Adam, Owen, and the RC Kitchin.


Mary Elizabeth was at the University of Georgia term I for her third year. She took American Foreign Policy and at the end of the year acted as the Deputy Prime Minister of Syria! The class tester her limits as public speaking makes her feel like throwing up. She quote “loved the class and learned a lot, but I sucked at anything debate”. She was a member of Alyssa’s RC group, who for tipsync preformed a mashup of You’re The One That I Want and 1 2 Step. Mary once again took on a male role (which seems to be a reaccuring theme in her tipsync preformances). Mary had a number of accomplishments this year, recieving the title of Alpha Gay and being the dinosaur mascot of the winning Red Team (Fire Nation). Mary’s roommate was Emily Kitchens (arguably once of the best people on planet Earth) and her date to Tip Prom was Sam from FOPO. Her parents were Bennett Hargis, Rob, Hannah, Marcu Swimmer, Kevin, Alisha simmons, and Dylan Ballentine. This was arguably Mary Elizabeth’s favorite year at duke tip and nothing could really ever beat it.

Inside Jokes


Please see Kelly's Jelly Bellies for a list of jokes made within her RC group. Other jokes and weird things she did included...

  • "Vsshhhhhhhh"
  • "SpaceX does it better"
  • Pushing Owen and herself down the stairs in a cardboard box (not the best idea in the world)
  • Bringing a whole litre of soda, which, was DEFINITELY not a good idea because ants succ
  • Official man of the house in the family unit consisting of Sara Whitman and their daughter, Jessica (or Hhhhheessssiccaaaa) as her mother would call her)
  • D Detectives
  • Whitman the Hitman
  • "I want TiP so badly" "God that sounds wrong"
  • Scary Mary





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