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Modern Law Squad (MLS) The MLS was the only good TIP cult at Davidson 2016 Term 2. They also were part of MLS vs. MMS The Modern Law Squad was a group of friends formed through the Modern Law Class. They consisted of:

  • Rachel
  • Samuel
  • Alexis
  • Saraiya
  • Gabi
  • Bryanna
  • and Radicus

Some of the notable memories of the MLS are as follows:

  • TIP-Cult
  • Radious (from T-Shirt)
  • ERS
  • BS
  • Guy on a Buffalo
  • "It's cheaper than adoption!"
  • Ketchup
  • Samuel hugging Shawn
  • Crisco
  • Socrate's Ego
  • UPS
  • Jello
  • Vineyard Vines
  • Concentration
  • O to the U to the T You're Out!
  • We can't count
  • Jackson
  • The Prince
  • The Republic
  • Our songs
  • Merrily, merrily, Egypt's laws are WILD!
  • 12344
  • When Robert Whittingham "died"
  • When Rachel lost her roommate
  • The lawnmower and other assorted dance moves courtesy of Betsy

guysss my phone is broken so thats why I haven't been on whatsapp-Saraiya Is it still broken?