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Katie and twin brother Will twinning at Georgia Tech in their 4th year of TIP.
Campus(es) KU, Rice, UGA, GA Tech
Attended 2013-2016
Course(s) Med Sci B, Modern Med, Vet Med, Neuroscience
RAG(s) Marie's RAG, the Durtles (Karen), the Rad Raptors (Rachel), Angel's Demons
Roommate(s) Emma; Madison/Ava; Catherine; Sonya (roommate)/Katie G. (Suite mate)
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2plus.png Cross-Campus
This TIPster has attended TIP at more than one campus.

Who is this person??

Katie is a 4th year 4th year (2013-2016) and has campus hopped with her twin brother, Will, for all four years. She intends on coming back to TIP as an RC as soon as she can. She is from North Carolina (Yadkinville/Winston-Salem) and is part of NCSSM class of 2018. Her birthday is October 11, 2016 and she loves animals and books with all her heart and soul.

1st Year

Katie spent her first year of TIP at Kansas University Term 2 2013. She was in Marie Stump's RC group and took Medical Science B with instructor Jessica and TA Sean. Throughout the term, she became good friends with her twin's RC group especially in preparation for 'Swampfest'. One boy, Brendon (Sir Michael Roland, Order of Merlin First Class, etc.) wouldn't tell her his name for the first week and then would rub her head with an orange when they saw each other on campus.

  • Swampfest Team: The Orange-atangs (We're not afraid to use our fangs!)
  • TIPsync song: "Cooler Than Me"
  • Talent show act: Blood flow interpretive dance with Helen and Charlie

2nd Year

Katie attended Rice University Term 2 2014 and took Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology with Instructor Xiao and TA Sheryar. She was in Karen Boger's RC group aka the 'Durtles', and was roommates with Madison and Ava. Katie was the alpha roomie and ensured that her omegas would not die from pizza poisoning. On the first day of class, 2nd year 3rd year Lauren Cheek talked to Katie, and an epic friendship was formed. They were inseparable the entire term and would spend dances drawing on each other with Sharpies and playing cards with Lauren's friends Henry Chapman and Emily Minnik. Together they wrote an epic paper on pacemakers, became REAL twins, and shipped Sherlly with a fiery passion. At the end of the term, they vowed to go to UGA together for the next year.

  • Quadfest Team: Green (Better than 5th!)
  • TIPsync song: "We're all in this Together"

3rd Year

As you've probably guessed, Katie spent her 3rd year with Lauren, Emily, Henry, and Will at UGA Term 2 2015. Katie was in Rachel Sterchi's RC Group (the rad raptors) and took Intro to Veterinary Medicine with Instructor Allison and TA Sara. Her roommate was Catherine. Lauren, Emily, Henry, and Will formed what became known as the "Breakfast Burrito Club" by eating breakfast burritos at O-House nearly everyday. It became a running joke and tradition. During free time, the group would sit at the end of Myer's 3rd floor hall and search for hobos in the trash rooms. The tradition of drawing on each other continued but was interspersed with making sure Will was dancing. As for class, Vet Med Forever became a thing very quickly and they bonded over 'reeling it in', Mason (Allison's guide dog in training), and belting "All Star" all the way to class. In this class was a very important individual: Mick Tobin. They were from North Carolina like Katie and were going to attend NCSSM for their junior year. Because of Mick, Katie got a taste of NCSSM and was extremely motivated to apply and be accepted (SHE AND HER BROTHER WILL BOTH ATTEND SMATH AS A PART OF THE CLASS OF 2018, AND MICK WILL BE KATIE'S SENIOR SIBLING). There were many tears shed at the last dance since Lauren and Emily were 4th years and would not be returning to TIP the next year.

  • Dawgfest Team: The Staff (Blue)

4th Year

  • Side Note: As previously mentioned, Katie and Will applied to NCSSM in the spring of 2016. As a part of the application, they had to re-take the SAT and were consequently bumped up to Center due to their higher scores. This meant that they would not be returning to UGA for their 4th year.

Katie attended GA Tech Term 2 for her 4th year. She was in Angel Street's RC Group (Angel's Demons) and Neuroscience with Instructor Josh and TA Sweet Hope. Her roommate was Sonya and her roommate-less suitemate was Katie Gulkis. Katie's RC from the previous year, Rachel, was also at Tech. Angel's RC Group was the only one with 4th year girls (the campus had only 21 4th years: 6 girls and 15 boys). The completely Ace Suite will live in infamy forever. In class, Katie was the only fourth year and loved living vicariously through her 2nd and 3rd year classmates. She designed the class t-shirt and term book page. Over the term she met members of her brother's RC Group and class (Michael, Max, Christopher, Saahaj, Nick, and Wyatt), and they became a tight knit bunch very quickly. They became so close, infact, that, unbeknownst to Katie, many TIPsters on campus started to ship her with Christopher. The two joked about it for a while but eventually Christopher (prodded violently by his roommate Skyler), decided to TIPrompose. It was epic, as denoted by their earning a spot on the Legendary Promposals page. Christopher's TIPromposal is viewable at Christopher Tate's Perfect (?) TIPromposal, as well as additional backstory as to how the two became friends. Katie said yes (thankfully) and even made an Ace flag button for him to wear in honor of her answer. She had prom-posed to her brother earlier the week, so she was very happy to share this final dance with two of her close friends. Katie and Christopher's "son", Saahaj, was very proud once he'd recovered from his multiple self-inflicted injuries. Over the term, the group came up with a ship name 'Kute' (stemming from a Spacecraft Mission Design joke) and bowed down to the power of the spreadsheet. In her RC Group, Katie became fast friends with 3rd year Josie, and they bonded over cards, bad puns, sarcasm, and conspiracies. Katie also bonded with RC Angel who is now her mom.

  • Swarmfest team: #GetShrekd (Green)
  • Talent Show Act: Doctor Doctor (as the mortician) and 4th year speech

TIPunion 1: Unimportant

Unimportant. I won't even bother writing about this one. Something about a band competition. And rain.

TIPunion 2: September 2, 2016

On their way home from NCSSM for a long weekend, Katie and brother Will stopped in Burlington, Christopher's hometown for what was originally going to be dinner. It ended up being a stop at a local coffee shop since SMATH let out early that day. September 2nd was also Christopher's birthday, so there was much excitement surrounding the TIPunion. The three enjoyed smoothies and various baked goods, courtesy of Christopher's parents, and chatted about everything from TIP to SMATH to extracurriculars. Since Burlington is between Winston-Salem (where Katie and Will live) and Durham (where NCSSM is), they agreed to have another TIPunion Monday morning, Labor Day, on their way back to NCSSM. (and pretty much every time they pass through the area.) Much fun was had despite the imminent arrival of Tropical Storm Hermine.

It did get a bit awkward a few times when a few students and a staff member at Christopher's school showed up at the same coffee shop. We'll just have to see how quickly the rumors spread...

Oh yeah. Katie decided to bring me something up from Durham, despite my telling her not to. I received a piece of bread from her. Long story; don't ask. I returned the favor by wearing the Ace button she made for me to commemorate TIProm. -KJ4UBL (talk) 19:28, 3 September 2016 (UTC)

[Photo will be added soon.]

TIPunion 3: September 5, 2016

Unable to stay away from TIPfriend Christopher Tate, Katie and Will stopped in Burlington again on their way back to the NC School of Science and Math. This time, unhindered by tropical weather, the twins met Christopher at a local Biscuitville. For those of you not in North Carolina (and consequentially have never partaken of this deliciousness), Biscuitville is a local breakfast chain offering biscuits and other various breakfast items. It's good.

Anyway, Christopher hung out with one of his suitemates and his RelationTIP for about an hour, before Katie and Will continued on their journey back to Durham. The three vowed to meet again at the end of September, when they would be coming back through the Burlington area.

[Photo will be added soon.]