Joel McCullough

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Joel McCullough
Pronouns He/him
Campus(es) Trinity, Georgia Tech, Duke West
Attended 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Course(s) Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience
RAG(s) Ryan, Rob, Praise
Roommate(s) Coby Nguyen, Freedom Scholes, Jacob Dorris
Social Media

Joel William Michael McCullough (/'d͡ʒʰol 'wɪljəm 'mäɪkl̩ mə'kʰələ/; born January 7, 2001) is a child famous for his ability to create terrible ideas and somehow gain innumerable support for them. Also well-known for his complete lack of self-respect.


Joel attended Trinity in 2014, Georgia Tech in 2015, and Duke West in 2016. All 3 were first term. Throughout all of the camps, Joel's legacy lives on as "The Kid With the Massive Afro," "Isn't He The One Who Bulk Ordered Recorders," and "I've Never Heard Of Him." He is currently a member of We Need a Megaphone, and will be attending Duke West Term 1 2017, in the class Psychology of Decision Making.

Year TIPyear Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate
2014 1st Trinity I Web Application Development Prassel Ryan Coby
2015 2nd Georgia Tech I Artificial Intelligence Hefner Rob Freedom
2016 3rd Duke West I Neuroscience Few Praise Jacob
2017 4th Duke West I Psychology of Decision Making: Behavioral Economics Few Ike Michael

Trinity Term I 2014

Joel attended TiP Term I at Trinity campus in 2014. He took the Web Design course and was a part of Ryan's RC Group.

Radioactive Pool Water

During his very first dinner at Trinity, Joel befriended Quinn Murphey and Sam Mangin. Upon arriving at the dining hall, Sam and Joel rushed to the soda machine and filled a cup with a perfectly planned mixture of every drink held by the machine. What resulted was a beverage almost identical in color to the radioactive water found at post-nuclear-meltdown Fukushima. The drink was given to Quinn, who tasted it and declared it as "not actually that bad."

The Swigercorn Incident

As part of a group project, Joel was tasked with creating a team mascot for the Riverdawn sports team and creating a webpage advertising them. What resulted was a horrifyingly designed mass of neon color with the Swigercorn as a centerpiece: a white bengal tiger with a duck bill, a unicorn horn, wings, and an arm stretching out of its back with which to shoot "mad hoops".

The Swigercorn soon gathered a massive following, and batches upon batches of pins were soon being printed for multiple members of the class, as well as a number of outsiders. The Swigercorn was to live on as a famous cultural landmark at Trinity all the way up until the term ended, when it was promptly and utterly forgotten.

The Riverdawn Swigercorn.

TiPSync 2014

The TiPSync 2014 performance was an interesting one, in which one TiPster stood in one place and pretended to play saxophone while his RAGmates walked by and threw money at him in various ways. Joel's big moment was when he walked onstage and shook a large number of coins out of his afro.

Georgia Tech Term I 2015

Joel attended TiP Term I at Georgia Tech campus in 2015. He took the Artificial Intelligence course and was a part of Rob's RC Group.

The Philosophical Idea That Shall Not Be Named

Around halfway through the year, Joel, along with a few of his classmates, found out about a terrifying philosophical idea that can only affect you if you know about it. They began spreading the word about said philosophical idea, and were promptly silenced by their TA, Calvin, when he made them write a two page essay about other, non-terrifying philosophical ideas.

TiPSync 2015

Joel was part of of a 3-part TiPsync performance, in which he awkwardly stood in one spot and didn't really do much, as he had no lead parts. But he wore sunglasses while he did it.

Duke West Term I 2016

Joel attended TiP Term I at Duke West campus in 2016. He took the Neuroscience course and was a part of Praise's RC Group.

Diversity Dancing

Joel, along with 9/11ths of his rag, were shoehorned into Diversity Dancing on the first Saturday of TiP. As Joel lives in Miami, he became very excited when Latin dance music came on, and began to intensely flamenco with Joseph "Jobley" Orr. He also walked into the center of the circle with his roommate Jacob Dorris and Macarena'd awkwardly for a straight thirty seconds.

TiPSync 2016

All official members of the RAG were shoved into Ultimate Frisbee for the first evening activity, even though only two members actually signed up for the activity. Almost none of them wanted to play, so they started to talk about what they would be doing for TiPsync and came up with a few ideas. Later, either Thomas or Joel had the idea for a recorder performance of My Heart Will Go On. The group then bulk ordered recorders around 3 days before the contest, which arrived the day before the contest, and Thomas and James choreographed a part of the dance in their room. Despite some technical issues, the performance went very smoothly.

Post TiP 2016

Even after the term ended, Joel's "extended" RC group, We Need a Megaphone, continued to keep in contact within their GroupMe chat. As the established captain/president of the chat, Joel oversaw the many memes and strange conversations that arose, including the many, many photoshopped movie posters involving a certain image of him with chocolate sauce all over his face.

Duke West Term I 2017

Joel attended TiP Term I at Duke West campus in 2016. He took the Psychology of Decision Making: Behavioral Economics course and was a part of Ike's RC Group.

The Video Series

Joel produced a video series of every day he spent at TiP this term. This video series included several TiP-related shitposts, including a full anime intro in episode 3. These videos can be found here..

The Term Project

Joel's end of term project, which he created with Thomas Holder, was a test of anchoring that had a sample size of 70 participants, most of whom were TiPsters. The results of said experiment determined that people were much more willing to pay for a product of a set size when the size of the product was expressed in smaller units. For example, a shopper would likely be willing to pay more for 3.79 liters of milk than they would be for 1 gallon of milk, even though the two amounts are equivalent.

The Last Dance

Joel was crying so hard during American Pie that several people came up to him the next day and expressed that seeing Joel crying had caused them to start crying as well.


The Hurricane Matthew TiPunion

The Pre-TiP-2017 TiPunion