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Editing Tips

This page now contains several tips for editing articles here on the TIP wiki.


To make a link, put double square brackets around it.

For example:

 [[Page Name]].  


 Page Name

To have the link text be different than the page name, use:

 [[Page Name|Link Text]]

which comes out as

 Link Text

Links are what give a wiki life, so link as much as you want!

Bold and Italics

To create bold font, include three apostrophes before and after a word or section.

 This is '''bold''' and ''Italic'' text.


 This is bold and italic text.


To create lists, add an asterisk (*) before each listed item.

 *Here is an example
 *Of this at work
 *Cool, Eh?


  • Here is an example
  • Of this at work
  • Cool, Eh?
    • aoeu

To create numbered lists, add a (#) before each listed item.

 #This is a
 #list in order
 #by numbers


  1. This is a
  2. list in order
  3. by numbers


To create titles, add double equals signs before and after each title:


To create subtitles, add two equals signs before and after each subtitle:



To sign something quickly and easily, use this code:


producing: Anthony

To sign something with a timestamp, use this code:


producing: Anthony 19:59, 24 September 2005 (MST)


A category is a good way of organizing content into easily navigable content structures. You can make a category by making an article with the name Category:Title. It is general convention for categories to plural (if a plural title is applicable). To put an article in a category add [[Category:Title]] to the bottom. If you want an article called The end to be alphabetized under "End, The" in the category then instead put [[Category:Title|End, The]] at the bottom. Categories are useful because it makes it easier for people to find content.