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For the Duke East building, see West Duke.

Duke West is one of the flagship sites for Duke TIP Center for Summer Studies. It hosts both a Term I and Term II. It serves courses that relate more to scientific concepts. This includes areas ranging from classic sciences, medical and biological studies, technology, and social analysis. Meanwhile, Duke East is more art and humanities based. West is considered by most to be the more restrained of the two flagship campuses, however West is usually regarded to have the best dances and the nicest tipsters.


The Chapel at Duke West, from 2006.

Approximate map of the area TIP uses at Duke West
As of 2006, Duke West is air-conditioned, as it was not air-conditioned beforehand. However, unlike some campuses, West does not allow frontal hugs and the 'side hug' is a running joke in West. West was first located in Kilgo, but it was not renovated as it is now. The conditions were similar to the Crowell Quad, in which it was relocated in 2000. The Summer Studies program used to reside in Kilgo; however, in 2015, construction forced tipsters to be moved to Few, AKA a huge maze with obnoxiously narrow halls and no windows. As of 2017, camp still takes place in Few.

Duke West has the Bryan Center, complete with Red Mango (which sells smoothies and frozen yogurt), McDonald's, Panda Express, The Loop (a restaurant), The Duke University store, a convenience store called The Lobby Shop, and more. It's pretty much the 'cool' place to be on break. It isn't quite as unique as Ninth Street, but surpasses it in practicality.

Duke West is also known for its several attempts at invading the East via using the tunnels. The West TiPsters consistently try to deny it but its official truth cannot be denied.


Dances are usually held outside on the Few Quad. If it rains, dances are held inside. The location varies from term to term. When the program still resided in Kilgo, the Kilgo basement generally became the new dance area, with trash bags taped over the lights to make it as dark as possible, and music blasting, and people being so cramped they couldn't help grinding on each other, despite the strict 'No Grinding' rule. But like anyone followed that anyway. Once (year unknown), before going to the basement, the party was in RC Will's room, who blasted the music, and if you think grinding was hard to avoid in the basement, try fitting 250 people into one dorm.


According to people that have attended the camp, food can range from being tolerable to truly appalling, except for Walker the vegan, for whom the chef personally cooked dinner for every night, and who was therefore universally envied. Meals happen at the Union, passing by the iconic Duke Chapel.

In 2015, the West Union began construction, so meals were held at Penn Pav. In 2016, construction was mostly finished, so meals were moved back to the building; however, the quality of the food amidst the construction was questionable at best.

As of 2017, the West Union renovation is finished, and the quality of meals has improved greatly, especially considering Duke spent 90 million dollars on this renovation. Tipsters can choose from several restaurants, such as:

  • Il Forno (Italian)
  • Au Bon Pain aka ABP (Soups, sandwiches, pastries, and more)
  • Ginger & Soy (Asian)
  • Farmstead (Southern cooking & gyros)
  • Sprouts (Vegetarian)
  • Tandoor (Indian)
  • CaFe (Bakery and coffee shop)
  • Tipsters are given cards loaded with over $600 and told to balance their own budgets when purchasing food. They are told they could spend roughly $8 on breakfast, $12 on lunch, and $14.50 on dinner in order to have enough money to eat for the whole term; however, most Tipsters underspend and have plenty of money to spend on 12 pizzas, 60 lbs of nuts, or 4 cases of San Pellegrino on the last day.



The dorms are arranged in an odd manner, which can be initially disorienting to many. Kilgo is, in essence, a giant square (or more specifically a square-shaped 'Q' as P-Hall forms the 'tail' with the center being the quad). TIP does not occupy the entire building so students are unable to travel in a full circle. Fortunately, access to any part of the building is available through the interior. This thwarts the 'cards-stop-working-at-10-PM' rule. There are three floors, and sections labeled by letters. TIP occupies Houses K-P. The third floor always has fourth year boys and one or two groups of third year boys. The second floor usually has second and third year girls. The first floor usually has the second year boys, the remaining third year boys, and the fourth year girls. This pattern is thought to be a way to keep fourth year boys and girls as far apart as possible (since they are the most likely to "do" something). For more, see Houses.


Similar to Kilgo, Few is arranged roughly in a giant square shape. The arrangement of rags changes by term, as does the amount of floors occupied by TIP. For example, in 2016 Term 1, the basement was off limits, but in 2017 Term 1, a RAG of second year boys resided in the basement. The fourth floor, too, is a contender for TIP occupation, as one RAG has resided there for multiple terms.

Duke West Dance Circles

Term II 2006

At Duke West, there is ALWAYS a dance circle, and a few of the best dancers do show up at TIP, including Ballet Dancer Little Richard, and Poppers Mack Lee, andTim Johnson and Hot Coco Hershey. And of course there's always Echo (T3H 133750R5). Be on the lookout for special performances at the TIP West Talent Shows.

Term I 2009

Once again there was a dance circle, yet to the dismay of many boys, no grinding circle. The dance circle was dominated by a group of guys who could break dance and the best dancer of the term...probably one of the asians, but maybe Hersh Trivedi.

Term l 2017

During the second dance Jordan's RAG did a remake of their glorious first place winning TiP Sync rendition of I Will Always Love You.

The Anatomy and Physiology class is always in a dance circle with some others joining in.

Hell raisers. These kids I swear to God. I don't know how this happened but everyone got in trouble and everyone was being stupid. RCs targeted campers. for example, Aleika built a hatred for Chris Sedlock , Grant, and Campbell. Other RCs were also wary of the troublemakers, but they came to learn that many of them were actually pretty cool people. Chris Sedlock was publicized as the legend of west 2k17 after an incident involving a fire extinguisher.. god help him. Friendships were forged from understanding one another. (quick note: aleika totally called it with most of the troublemakers. she handled it well, actually pausing to figure out the facts.) The fourth year boys hall was always patrolled with about four RCs. They couldn't do anything which was super annoying. Then again, they had their reasons.

Term II 2017

Barrett from Desmond's RAG along with other fourth years Ethan, Jacob, Trey, and Jack, led many hype circles during the dances. Jay's RAG created their own hype circle both in and out of the dance slowly building up suspension then changing "BIG BOOTY".

Features of Duke West

Notable RAGs
Sean's RAG

Boom Squad

Desmond's RAG

Banners' RAG 2018

Courses at Duke West

Most courses at West are math and science-based, with a few exceptions (such as Ethics in Science Fiction). The teachers, TAs, course materials, and general experiences for the courses vary by term, so recommendations from other Tipsters aren't always going to be very accurate. The courses offered at Duke West vary by term; for a complete list, see this page.

Snoop at Duke West

  • It is known that the coolest Duke Janitor who worked in the often called "not-so-great hall", Delmari (nicknamed Snoop for his resemblance) is the coolest Janitor ever and is a beloved character at Duke West. Snoop was first recognized by Tipsters such as Jake Bashuk, Sloan Ungerman, Patrick Smith, Attican Knight and other great Tipsters.

Traditions of Duke West

Term I

  • Screaming Weird Al as loud as possible at dances
  • Jump On It
  • Sexy train
  • Red Carpet Night
  • Titanic "My Heart Will Go On"
  • "It's 2015 and we're better than this."
  • Cello Pieces
  • Boom (original boom squad; 2015)

Term II

Note: Some of these traditions are for only one term and should not be regarded as traditions for every year/term at West. Another Note: Explanations for real traditions would be appreciated.


Term 1 Term 2

West 2015

During the 2014-2015 school year, construction was started on many different sections of Duke, including the Chapel and some of Kilgo, meaning that TiP was forced to move to Few Quad(HH and GG Houses). It sucked. Also, construction on parts of the Bryan Center restricted access to some parts of the building. Also, Fourth Year Wills were shortened from 200 to 150 words in 2014, to 100 in 2015.

Term I 2018

IMG 1431.jpg

The spoon game got intense and was banned after a few days along with taking plastic spoons from Broadhead or buying them.

Term II 2018

Quad Fest was won by the Blue Team by sportsmanship, spirit, and talent. Please note that it was a tie with the Blue Team, before Blue Team won a two hour dance off that didn't even matter and ended with a cheer off. Also note that Red Team played plug walk so therefore they should’ve won

TipSync was won by Nya’s rag for Britney Spear’s Toxic.

Team Team[1] won the Ultimate Frisbee tournament and beat the staff 15-10.
Term 2 Pictures: https://term2photos.shutterfly.com/


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