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Duke Marine Lab.

The Duke Marine Lab is located in Beaufort, North Carolina. Students at the marine lab live in large dormitory style rooms. At East, there is a rumor that a Marine Lab student once attended a term and spilled much information about the little-known campus (though the facts, unfortunately, are long since forgotten). However, the phrase "It isn't really TIP" remain immortalized in the minds of East students forever.

It's not a rumor. I was at the marine lab when I was a second year, and then went to East Term II 2006 as a third year. The Marine Lab is notably different from other campuses for a number of reasons. It is much smaller than most, despite accepting both Academy and Center applicants, and usually has less than 100 students. In recent years, only three courses have been offered with two sections of two courses, making 5 classes in all. American Pie, while still heard at every dance, is played next-to-last, with Don't Stop Believin' immediately following it. In the 2018 term, Time Warp, Iris, and It’s the End of the World as We Know It were also added as tradition songs. Fourth years cannot leave the island during free time, but they still keep most of their other privileges (orange lanyards, wills, staying up the last night, etc). Knockout (also known as Lightning) and Frisbee share the award for Most TIPster Sport. Dances are not held in the quad but inside the auditorium, which is spacious enough to fit all 60-70 TIPsters. Antisocial campers and those affected by noise are allowed to hang in the hallway or in the presentation room, but RCs have been known to stop the music to try and get them to come in and be social. RCs have tried to herd them into the auditorium as well, especially for the last two songs.

The Marine Lab has six dorms which are referenced by number. Dorm 5 is the only dorm that is large enough to have two RAGs in it, which are referenced as 5 East and 5 West. The dorms are only one story and each room has three bed (but not necessarily three TIPsters). They are also air-conditioned. As of 2013, Dorm 5 has been closed to TIPsters and now houses undergrad and grad students who take courses at the Marine Lab; however, to compensate Dorm 6 has been created and houses two RC groups. And in 2014 half the camp (32 girls) were housed in Dorm 6. Which resulted in there being two 6 girl rooms (one being all the fourth year girls) and two 9 girl rooms. Most Tipsters hang out on the porches of their dorm, but D6 doesn’t have a porch because of the lab in the back. These girls have to adopt a porch, The Maggie Bench, or deal with their “side porch” which is a ramp to the side entrance. The marine lab has only one term, which starts a week after Term 1 at other campuses.

The campus boundaries enclose an area as large as the East campus, despite having less than half the number of TIPsters (between 50 and 150), most of which is outdoors. Amazingly (HELP ME), we are actually allowed to climb trees there (in recent years this statement has been proved false as many a tipster have been yelled at for rescuing frisbees). There is only one laundry room behind Dorm 3 that is used as both a laundry room and as a common room. The visitation policy is that we aren't allowed in opposite sex rooms. Also, TIPsters don't use keys at all because everything is unlocked (unless someone is changing).

Quadfest, known as Festuary, is noticeably different at the Marine Lab. Every RAG competes on its own team and each TIPster and RC has a shirt to decorate for Festuary. The RAG's choose themes, such as "Rock Star Pirates", “Moby Thicccs”, or "Air Dorm" to be known by instead of having colors. Festuary starts with having the teams break up into pairs and rotate through several different bathrooms and small events like making tinfoil boats to hold weight or sliding down a soapy piece of plastic to knock over pins. Later, the RAG reunites for the kinds of events found on East campus. The only events that were exactly the same were the Boat Race and the Cheer. (This information is now outdated- It is now called Festuary)

The second week is Spirit Week which leads up to TIPsync. There have been days such as Twin Day, 'Merica Monday (despite Fourth of July being the next week), Tropical Tuesday, Wacky Tacky Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and certain color days such as Green Day or Pink Day.

There are also no places off-campus that fourth-years can walk to in their free time, but sexual activity is strictly prohibited. The classes go on multiple field trips while at the lab. Some actual field work trips consist of the research pond, the mudflats, and Carrot Island as well as Harkers Island, Sand Dollar Island, The Rachel Carson Reserve, and Middle Marsh (there are others but they’re all roughly the same). Tipsters also take class field trips to museums and places such as the local Maritime Museum, the Sound Core Museum, the Newport Aquarium, and Cape Lookout. The all day field trips are always the best and you usually go to the aquarium on that day. Another really cool all morning field trip is the dredge and trawl. In the 2018 term, multiple classes pulled up stingrays, sharks, and even a pufferfish! There are lots of smaller boat trips, too, such as one which goes up Newport River to collect different water samples.

Because of the small population, the termbook has two pages for every RAG and class and includes contact information. ~Anna


This happened on the middle of the term on Rut AKA the 10 P.M. Nazi's Rag. About eight of the twelve members of the Rag decided that they would go on the top of the roof to look at the stars. After they were there for several hours, one of the RCs spotted them. Four of the eight were able to get back into the rooms without getting caught, but one of them were caught. The other three jumped off of the roof and began to play hide and seek with the RCs. Meanwhile, several RCs came inside Rut's hall to find the four that were able to get in, but they were unsuccessful. Instead, they rudely woke up the four that were sleeping while this was going on. Eventually, they were caught when most of the staff of the Marine Lab was summoned to capture the fugitives. The four people that were caught had to call their parents. However, their parents seemed rather proud of their sons, not angry at all. ~Seokmin

Actually, they have "Festuary" NOT quadfest, and in '07, everybody was divided into groups randomly, with Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green teams. At the marine lab, only 4th years are permitted to stay awake all night the last night, and in '07 the fourth year girls lost this privelege after a shaving-cream battle on the quad that resulted in the destruction of the OSC's laptop computer. This sucked, as the two fourth year guys had to stay up by themselves. The marine lab is no where near as awesome as TIP East, despite air conditioning and beaches. (um yea about that you mean to say duke marine lab is the best campus out of all of them .... this is coming from the people who had to be evacuated from DUML because of hurricane Arthur and almost died because they missed it so much)

The Truth About the Marine Lab

The marine lab is known for its triple high bunk beds and the awesome field trips to the beach! The year 2009 was probably the best year there, when the RC's were cool and tipsters were actually allowed to SWIM in the ocean. (apparently some kid almost drowned in a rip current....so in 2010 the staff was uber strict and we could only go in up to our knees). Tipsters went on a field trip almost every day to various beaches (Fort Macon, Pine Knoll Shores, Shackleford Banks, Emerald Isle), dredging and trawling on the Susan Hudson, or to the awesome aquarium!

Memories are short though - swimming in the ocean will likely return again. Back in the early 90s, trips to the beach were halted (for at least one year) after two female TIPsters inadvertently nearly entered a bikini contest. Who knew you had to be 18 to enter??

The best hang out spot in 2009 was the laundry room, where one tipster popped a bag of popcorn in the dryer (yes it is possible), while another tipster was shoved into another dryer. However, as a result of these actions, in 2010 access to the laundry room was severely restricted and monitored, leading to tipsters being forced to wear smelly, dirty clothing. ( in 2014 access to the laundry room whenever you wanted was granted again!!!!!)

Dorm 5 was probably the best dorm ever, due to the face that it was coed in 2009. Although there was tape everywhere dividing male and female boundaries, dorm 5 tipsters still managed their mischief.

The dances were complete grindfests, until Juan showed up in 2010 with his squirt gun and sprayed anything that didn't look TIPpropriate. Also, in 2014, the RC Sean went around during the song "Talk Dirty To Me" screaming "TALK CLEAN TO ME"

As of 2011, Dorm 5 had tents, sleeping bags, and an inflatable snowman(among other things) in the out-of-bounds attic.(the world may never know what the Dorm 5 attic contains ever again for it has been turned into the dorm where TAs instructors and students studying over the summer bunk):(

The Evacuation of 2014

In 2014, Hurricane Arthur struck the east coast, forcing all of the Tipsters at the Marine lab to evacuate inland to Duke East. Many were quite upset with this change, but some were excited with the new scenery. The chaos of everyone trying to do laundry the night before was awful, and resulted in the dryers literally just making clothes very damp instead of dry. The ensuing three hour bus ride was quite boring, although it was just another chance for us to bond. The RC groups were split up into different buses: David, Hannah, and Jordans RC groups in one bus (This bus contained just about every couple at the Marine lab, so much cuddling was going on) and Christine, Sean, and Shannon's group on another bus. Although Tipsters did not get to finish their term at the Marine Lab, we managed to make the best of it. When we arrived, we were greeted by very strange looking RCs at Duke East and a news crew filming us like we were refuugees (Credit to Liam for getting in almost every camera shot and acting really dumb)http://abc11.com/weather/hurricane-arthur-forces-evacuations-of-summer-camps/153586/ =video link. Quoting the great RC David: "It be like that sometimes"

The Ghost of Dorm 6

The ghost of dorm 6 made a large appearance in the recent years, specifically during the witching hour, when the haunting is believed to be more severe.The ghost constantly opened doors at night, terrifying the residents of the dorm. Many times a night the sleepy kids would have to get up to close their doors, even after having sworn they locked them. One night two girls, Sam and Beth. were on the top bunk, discussing their belief in ghosts and the supernatural. After confessing she believed in them, Sam felt something grab her foot even though they were on the top bunk and no one was awake beneath them. One time a camper named Miriam was in her room during free time and she closed the door behind her. She swears that the handle turned all the way and the door opened. After a thorough inspection she concluded that there was nobody else in the dorm at the time who could've opened the door. Although this could've been the work of faulty locks, doors constantly locked at the most inconvenient times, leaving tipsters without phones or marsh shoes for hours on end.


  • The iconic beach Thot knot
  • Cheeseballs vs. Denise war
  • Stealing sea urchins from protected waters
  • The (somewhat accidental) genocide of Emily's brittle stars and The boy's crab army
  • The mass flocking of hundreds of origami birds due to the Seek n' Snap
  • The tragic day of fourth of July when a phone fell into the estuary, RIP
  • Dorm 6 Emily orange (Emily Hutchins) and Emily blue (Emily Lewis) sneaking the RCs snow cone syrup with Schuyler from waterpalooza, then proceeding to give away free shots in both red and green
  • "Real life talks with -----" Featuring How to: use Tinder and Kik, Which drugs you can safely take, and how to eat Thai food correctly.
  • Captain Carla and the Trash heros.
  • LEmily HEmily and FEmily
  • Carla the RC forgettting to give Dominos $60 for pizza when $80 was the total
  • The sad slides on the barrier islands where nearly all of Estuaries and Marshes lost their lives due to the high slopes
  • That one recomended Jelsa wattpad story, never read it (do)
  • The widespread BDSM test
  • XXXXXL DUML sweatshirts
  • The -cough- ... boxes in the boy's dorm bathrooms
  • Glutain free, VEGAN chicken nuggets????????
  • Dorm 6's very own German Stripper 'Do not disturb' door sign


(WARNING: not all are TIPpropriate)

  • dorm 6 tipSYNC- 'Don't be a brad, be a chad. Ey, chad. Wheres chad? idk chad. Darn we need chad. Calm down chad. They're all brads chads.
  • -About to fall off the rocks in the reef so Jesse grabs Emily's arm- "No homo bro" - Jesse
  • "100% deet that’s like cancer in a bottle" -Miles
  • "I did the wrong dog" -Kyle
  • "We aren’t focusing on the real problem here... the scientists are practicing dark magic" -Kyle
  • "I can behave in a snappy and grumpy manner sometimes, it’s not personal" -Shannon
  • "What’s a twerk" -Shannon
  • "This is the first time I’ve been proud of something I’ve done in a while and that is holding a 15 minute conversation about a world ruled by pink" -Anthony Mark Cochran
  • "This is all head" -the scientist in a sperm whale necropsy
  • "What is that brown on my skin" -Shannon about her minor suntan
  • "YEAH WHOOOO" -Conner
  • Credit or debit *dabs* -Nathan
  • (screaming in dorm) (Tyler sprints in) (Tyler comes out) "They’re just playing Mario Kart" -Tyler the legendary RC
  • (Ethan not talking) Rodney(the OSD): "what’s wrong?" (Ethan not talking) Rodney: "Ethan, why aren’t you talking?" (Ethan not talking) Rodney: "Connor, what’s wrong with Ethan" Connor:"...I am Groot"
  • “It’s like elongated muskrat you whore” -Kyle
  • “There’s something about your facial structure that makes you look depressed” -Chris to Andrew
  • “I did the wrong dog” -Kyle
  • “I need off!!” -Connor with a pillow over his head
  • “Tyler, why’re you wearing ur boxers?.. oh those are just weird shorts” -Kyle
  • "Oh it’s shit as hot" -Kyle
  • “Yeet is the fetus-Karl Marx” -Ethan in kyle’s journal
  • "Oh shoot it’s s squirtle, oh shoot it’s a mini dinosaur" -Kyle
  • "I didn’t flex hard enough" -Connor
  • "When you flexed, like no homo, but yes homo" -Chris
  • "Augie if you say yeet one more time I will take away your free time" -Erin
  • "Back at it again with the broken rib" -Beth
  • "I don’t need a relationTIP, I have a relationship" (runs into door) -Katrina
  • "That’s not a dog that’s a fucking bear" -Katrina
  • "So I looked up how much fiddler crabs cost and these bitches are $10 for a hundred" -Erin
  • "Have fun with your hospital bills, in 50 years, ma’am" -Erin
  • "Warlocks are enemies of god" -lady in Jesus Camp
  • "Feels bad man, my cheese is disproportionate" -Justin
  • "That represents dirty thoughts (thots)" -Jesus camp
  • "Come on it has to squeak" -Jesus camp
  • "Smell it you can smell the cancer" -Miles
  • (Removes lettuce from sandwich) "I am eating a turkey sandwich with no vegetables, I am not a rabbit" -Kyle
  • "Aw frick, I hope my pop tarts don’t get ruined cuz my water bottle spilled" (other people laughing) "hey don’t talk down on the pop tarts" -Kyle
  • "Is his head so big because he has a big and smart brain" -Kyle about one of the slides in Kanyalysis
  • "Kanye’s really smart" (Tyler applauses) -Kyle
  • "Turn your hat around, please" -Kyle to Anthony "Don’t give in to those who are lesser to you" -Michael
  • "Don’t do drugs kids this is what happens when you do crack" -Patrick about Lift Yourself at Kanyanalysis
  • "What is all this modern noise" -Shannon
  • (an unnamed person talking about shoplifting from the aquarium) "I don’t have the balls for shit like that so I just do stupid shit like drop chairs off the third bunk" -Chris
  • "Why do peepee come out of my bootyhole?" -Kyle was the original but Anthony
  • "Morning yoga was the worst experience of my life" -Anthony
  • "Hannah, ur name sounds like henna" *sounds like his mind has been genuinely blown* -Kyle
  • Someone: "man you just need some boobs and you’d look like a real girl" Andrew: "what do you mean?" Someone: "I mean you’re flat" Andrew: "just like every girl on the island"
  • "ANA STASS EE AH"-Connor
  • "Katrina go get the Japanese elephant cocaine so we can snort it before we leave" -Sabrina
  • "Is it the witching hour?" -charlotte and sabrina every 5 minutes --at 1am
  • “My RC left the door open and I got sexually assaulted” -Beth
  • "shout out to my mom- I love you" -Nathan at the end of his group research project in acknowledgments
  • "Hurricane Katrinaaa? more like hurricane tortilla" -everyone the first time they heard Katrina's name
  • "I look like a fuckin yeti" -Kyle after using Katiebelle's sunscreen
  • (Ashley stops to interrupt someone talking in the morning discussion) "Katrina why are you eating a lemon right now?"
  • ”We don’t have the hennnna because it flew away with emmmma”- Miles, Kyle, and Beth high in the airport off of no sleep
  • ”It’s party size not Charlotte size”- Nathan talking about the chip bag hogged by Charlotte
  • ”I’m exhaustteeeeddddd. I’m tired of being in the back”- Shannon after walking 100 m
  • ”second years are hoooot”- literally everyone but 2nd years
  • ”Something’s happening in the sky”- Augie looking at the air show
  • ”How many pop tarts do you have in your bag, Jesse?- Beth “A lot of pop tarts”- Jesse
  • Ashley- "what's your dream job" Shannon-"Well, ideally, a dragon rider but that's not possible"
  • Ashley- “what’s your dream job?” Miles- “Ski patrol”
  • ”It’s better than we eat at TIP”- Charlotte talking about the soldiers rations at Ft. Macon
  • (in tears) “I WANT TO BE A STARFISH!!” - Jayden
  • (on the last night of term) “I cant get them to stop crying and go to bed!!” - Kerrigan (leader of the lettuce eating hedgehogs)
  • ”I think Jenny is the mafia....she’s always the mafia” - Emily
  • ”ITS POKE-AN-AVA-DAY!! (Ava is pronounced as it is said in the word AVAcodo)”-Emily
  • ”can I permanently borrow some food?”- Ava
  • ”STUARRRTTTTTT”- Charlotte
  • ”Let’s take a RC Group off-campus night to drive to Nashville and kill Stuart!”- Beth “

“YEAH!!!!!!!”- rest of RAG


Kanyalysis was a night activity led by the RC Tyler where TIPsters went through a power point and analyzed songs by Kanye West. MEny heated discussions occurred over the relevance of a certain lyric to Kanye's life at the time of writing it. The greatest moment of all of Kanyalysis was when Chris explained the lyrics to the last verse of Lift Yourself.

(Tyler, if you're seeing this, sorry that Kanyalysis was spelled wring every time. I love you DriftDad.)

Kanyalysis Quotes

  • "Is his head so big because he has a big and smart brain" -Kyle about one of the slides in Kanyalysis
  • "Kanye’s really smart" (Tyler applauses) -Kyle
  • "Turn your hat around, please" -Kyle to Anthony "Don’t give in to those who are lesser to you" -Michael
  • "Don’t do drugs kids this is what happens when you do crack" -Patrick about Lift Yourself at Kanyanalysis

The Office Drinking Game

The Office Drinking Game was a drinking game played with water because hydrate before you diedrate ya know. Charlotte and Beth started the game at DUML after Beth stumbled on the post on Instagram. The campus already loved the show so it was agreed the game would commence during free time. The rules were simple: there was a list of commands to take a shot out of your water bottle or paper cup stolen from the water coolers up by the dining hall when the certain phrase or action was done (commands listed below). The game was commonly played on porches and many Tipsters would come join as the episode progressed. The best episodes to be used are episodes in earlier seasons as all the original cast is there and the commands are used more frequently. The game was only played a few times because of limited free time but when it was played it was legendary. At least two water bottles would be drunk per person and breaks would have to be taken for a select few to spring across the quad to D6 as they had the only water fountain on campus. It should be noted if you play this game you will receive weird looks but just smile and tell RC’s and staff it’s just water. Also, you might have to pee a lot from all the water consumed at one time.


  1. 1: When Pam says, “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam”
  2. 2: Jim looks into the camera when NOT being interviewed
  3. 3: Anyone says, “That’s what she said”
  4. 4: Angela mentions her cats
  5. 5: Kelly says, “OMG”
  6. 6: Michael expresses his hate 4 Toby
  7. 7: When Pam and Jim share a “swoony” moment (all moments are swoony moments)
  8. 8: Every “Assisstant to the Regional Manager” reference
  9. 9: Michael tries to impersonate someone
  10. 10: When someone starts a question with, “Question”
  11. 11: Michael gathers everyone into the conference room


Relationtips were beginning and thriving in the third week of tip, but there was a specific person who had a hard time expressing his feelings to the special lady using words, so instead he used a song... Charlotte Boyd and this aspiring songwriter had been friends from the year before, but Charlotte never knew the feelings he had for her until he had written and sung "Monorail" at the talent show and dedicated it to her. It was said that if you replaced the word Monorail with the name Charlotte everytime it was said in the song, it would be a love song. You can't take this too literally though, as some of the lyrics are "Monorail I'll ride you" which doesn't mean what you think it does.

Golden Hour

Golden hour on the island is gorgeous, and almost everyone has a picture during it. One evening the Dorm 1 boys allowed the Dorm 3 girls to put makeup on them for golden hour. The girls worked tirelessly to prepare the boys for golden hour so they could look snatched for picture taking. Rebecca's makeup was sacrificed for the greater good, and Charlotte, Sabrina, Beth, Katrina, Rebecca, and Hannah did Nathan, Miles, and Bens makeup. The boys ran out of time, and the girls ran out of makeup wipes, so they had to wear the makeup to the activity that night, which was states night. The girls of D6 (specifically Erin's RC) was always late to dances because they were capturing the golden hour moments on the docks.

Kentucky at DUML

At DUML, many states are represented but in the 2018 term at DUML many people were very comfused about the concept of Kentucky being an actual state where people did normal things. Only 4 Kentuckians we’re representing the state that year: Charlotte, Beth, Will (also known as Willard), and Shannon. Shannon basically didn’t even count as a Kentuckian as she did not have an accent and never did anything even remotely country (nobody even knew where she lived till after TIP). Beth and Charlotte tried to defend their beloved, beautiful bluegrass state from all the hatred that came it’s way, but it was a tough job, The biggest hater towards the state was Connor closely followed by Andrew who led the chant of “Kentucky sucks” as a picture was taken during a field trip: Many people were confused on the fact that Kentuckians did normal, every day things in Kentucky as everyone else does in every other state. Questions were asked like, “What do you guys do for fun?” and “Is there even anything in Kentucky?” and while there aren’t many cities we have our fair share of attractions but most are centered around Lexington or Louisville. Shannon made it clear to her class though that there were two types of Kentucky: coal Kentucky and horse Kentucky. Everyone at the campus that year were representatives of horse Kentucky so no one got to experience the Turtle Man side of the state. Charlotte and Beth tried to build on the hate of the state by making light of it by wearing overalls for twin day which made many people especially Connor sigh in exasperation of the act. Willard was not as emotionally attached to the state itself but the team, the Kentucky Wildcats (GO UK). He always wore his Kentucky hat and multiple shirts and shorts all the time. When a comment was made by Charlotte about the sadness of not knowingly Willard was coming so he could’ve twinned with the girls in their overalls he replied with a hard no. When asked why by the two girls he simply stated, “I want to represent my state well.” Andrew even left in his will Kentucky pride to Willard because he didn’t have any. Steps are still being taken by the two girls to convince Tipsters Kentucky is not a hillbilly state and is truly beautiful. Connor will come to the state one day and see for himself we have lakes bigger than his puny ponds!!!