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Cecilia Ann Hunter (more commonly known as “Cici”) was a first-year Tipster during Term II, 2018, at Trinity. Much loved by her group mates, The Tofu’s, lead by Annie, she will never be forgotten <3 She will also be going to Davidson College in North Carolina for a psychology class term one! YAY! :)

~ Love Interests ~

Cici and Kiran at Prom — stolen from Duke TiP Blog

Cici had a crush on Josiah (ew) at the start of the term, but circumstances changed after a few days when, ultimately, it didn’t work out. At the last dance, Cici was swept off her feet by Kiran, who she soon started crushing on as well. Following Prom Night, the two started to date. Though there was some controversy of the origin of their relationship- it is said that Kiran only danced with her at the dance because of a bet (which later was clarified to “dance with your crush”)- it ended up working out till the end of the term. Now, the two may be broken up, but are polite. Now, she dates vincent, a term one tipster. *edit* the two have since broken up, and now she is dating caleb, who proposed, just days before the prom. Then she dumped him at tiprom. She danced with Hunter, later at Prom.

Hobbies and interesting facts from Tip

Cici Hunter was in the class creative writing, where her creativeness and romantic ideas took place in her stories. Most were of the horror spectrum, but others were historical fiction and realistic fiction. Even to this day, she continues working on her jack the Ripper story.

   Some facts about Cici-
  • She constantly her was seen eating frosting, ice cream, or cereal out of a plastic jolly rancher bag, which she shared quite often with Brie

a good friend of hers

  • She stole Kirans chicken wings on the last night and drank way too much monster drinks.
  • She dyed the tips of her hair pink in protest to John and Brie's break up.
  • she loves singing
  • she loves eating
  • she loves loving food and singing.

life out of Trinity

Cici is a major bookworm, never caught without a smile on her face. She recently premiered in her very first Theatre Lawrence production. She loves theatre and has a big nack for it. Her favorite drink on a cold day is Chai tea with a hint of sugar. Cici was also just the lead of her middle school production Robin Hood! that's right, She did play a guy, but hey, she had a ton of fun, and had a fake beard glued on and learned how to shoot a bow and arrow.

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