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Cecilia Ann Hunter (more commonly known as “Cici”) was a first year Tipster during Term II, 2018, at Trinity. Much loved by her group mates, The Tofu’s, lead by Annie, she will never be forgotten <3

~ Love Interests ~

Cici and Kiran at Prom — stolen from Duke TiP Blog

Cici had a crush on Josiah (ew) at the start of the term, but circumstances changed after a few days when, ultimately, it didn’t work out. At the last dance, Cici was swept off her feet by Kiran, who she soon started crushing on as well. Following Prom Night, the two started to date. Though there was some controversy of the origin of their relationship- it is said that Kiran only danced with her at the dance because of a bet (which later was clarified to “dance with your crush”)- it ended up working out till the end of term. Now, the two remain together. Until recently when Kiran broke up with Cici due to stress. Frankly, the too could have been the perfect couple unfortunately it didn't happen. who calls it off because of stress?



Throughout the term there was a lot of drama surrounding Cici for whatever awful reason. Her romantic and idealistic personality sadly seemed to backfire on her, as she was often teased and made fun of. But she had great friends to stay by her side, and she was a great friend as well. After and during TIP, she was bullied, by people who will remain unsaid. Frankly, her entire time at Trinity, was quite awful, do to the bullying.

Cici is a queen and totally didn't deserve any of the mean things people said about her at tip


life out of Trinity

Cici is a major bookworm, never caught without a smile on her face. She recently premiered in her very first Theatre Lawrence production. She loves theatre, and has a big nack for it. Her favorite drink on a cold day is Chai tea with a hint of sugar.