Christopher Tate's Perfect (?) TIPromposal

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This page contains information of little value to those not at Georgia Tech Term 2 2016. You're welcome to read this page, as it contains a pretty cute kute story, but know that it likely does not affect you. Thanks! -KJ4UBL (talk) 02:06, 28 July 2016 (UTC)

Another thought: After I TIPromposed, and Katie accepted, she remarked that I should remove the question mark in the title of this page. I told her no for two reasons: Since I'm not admin, I can't change page titles (and I don't want to move the page), and honestly, is there such a thing as the perfect TIPromposal? I personally don't think so. So the question mark stays. Many Tech T2 TIPsters contend that this is one of the best TIPromposals to occur, but I wouldn't consider it perfect. -KJ4UBL (talk) 18:24, 4 September 2016 (UTC)

Another other thought: The imperfection of a thing is what makes it perfect. While this TIPromposal can in no way be flawless, it can be perfect in the eyes of those involved because of the friendship from which it was borne.


Towards the end of Term 2, Katie Vogel and I tried to figure out when we quote-on-quote "met". We came to the decision that we met at the Outdoor Fun evening activity in the middle of the first week. She was on my Frisbee team. (Isn't that a cute kute way to meet?)

  • (We did technically meet on the first day in the fourth floor lounge, but I thought he was a total prick at that point, so we're not going to count that as our first meeting because that's just WAYYYYY too cliche- Katie)

But anyway...

Eventually we became great friends. And then people started noticing that we were hanging out together quite frequently, so a RelationTIP made it onto the Wiki. My first one. Woo hoo! (Well, it was just a ship at the time, but still.)

And then came the clincher: Up to this point, several people, including most of my RAG and some of their friends, had been shipping us hard. Really hard. On a seemingly unrelated note: I signed up for the "Mandatory Fun" evening activity. I had no idea what it would be. It ended up essentially becoming Improv Night 2.0. One of the games we played involved two actors/actresses acting out a random scene. At any point, an audience member could yell "Freeze!" and take the role of one of the TIPsters onstage. From there, he/she could either continue the scene or begin a new scene.

A girl and I began the game. We had difficulty coming up with a scene to start out with, until RC Duckie yelled out the one word I did NOT expect to hear:

"TIPromposal!" My roommate, Skyler, added insult to injury by yelling out "Chris, this is great practice!" The entire room cracked up. Those who did not understand what he meant were quickly enlightened. Needless to say, as someone with an EQ of 15, I made an epic fail with this scene. By Lights Out that night, everyone was practically begging me to ask Katie to the final dance, which, incidentally, was also our final TIP dance ever.

At breakfast the next morning, I made a really vague TIPromposal to Katie. So vague, she almost didn't catch it. Basically he just asked me what I would say if he were to ask me to TIProm. I said that I would say 'yes', but then revoked that answer fairly quickly once I realized that he intended that to be his promposal. I reinstated my 'yes' a few moments later when he assured me that that was his 110% when it came to asking a girl to a dance. Minutes later, Nick Landers, a RAGmate of mine,said I should create a TIPWiki promposal page, since I have a distinct passion for the Wiki (referencing it no less than 519 times across the term). Katie revoked her decision again until I made this page. It took me several hours (more like the entire day) to create (by hand(BY COMPUTER-Katie)) the ASCII art you see below. Throughout the day, whenever Katie saw me, she would catch my eye, point at her wrist like there was a watch there, and mouth the words "hurry up...". Others were teasing that someone else would "get" Katie if I didn't ask her soon. I knew that wasn't true (Wow. Okay then.- Katie <--You weren't there. It was funny. But also kinda annoying - Christopher), but whatever.

Following is my original TIPromposal, complete with a typo. (oops) Initially, this page had only the TIPromposal on it. She said yes - and I'm glad she did. (In case you're wondering, if you look at the logs on this page, it looks like I added my own acceptance. I didn't. You'll also notice the edit summary: By Katie. She did not have an account at the time she accepted.)

The TIPromposal

Hey there Katie! I'm still trying to figure out why you put me up to this, but anyway...

Am I supposed to write something touching? If I'm not supposed to, too bad. I'm writing something anyway. I'm not that good such commentary, but it's worth mentioning that you're one of the funniest people I know. You always have a smile on your face, and always have some great comment about each and everything around you. You're one of my best friends, if nothing else, for your shining personality.

Here is your TIPromposal: (This goes way beyond the 110% I was told to commit, and I sure hope you know that. A few people helped me with suggestions, but all of the ASCII art is my own.) Scroll down.

KK  KK      A A          TT           III      EE               HH      HH    ::: 
KK KK      AA AA         TT           III      EE               HH      HH    :::
KKKK      AA   AA        TT           III      EE               HH      HH    :::
KKK      AA     AA       TT           III      EEEEEEE          HHHHHHHHHH
KKKK     AA     AA       TT           III      EE               HH      HH    :::
KK KK    AAAAAAAAA       TT           III      EE               HH      HH    :::
KK  KK   AA     AA       TT           III      EE               HH      HH    :::
KK   KK  AA     AA       TT       IIIIIIIIIII  EEEEEEEEE        HH      HH  

TTTTTTTTTTTT  IIIIIIIIIII   PPPPPPPP    RRRRRRRR             OOOO           MMM         MMM       ?????
     TT           III       PP     PP   RR     RR         OO      OO        MMMM       MMMM     ???   ???
     TT           III       PP      PP  RR      RR      OO          OO      MM MM     MM MM     ??     ???
     TT           III       PP     PP   RR     RR      OO            OO     MM  MM   MM  MM           ???
     TT           III       PPPPPPP     RRRRRRRR       OO            OO     MM   MM MM   MM          ???
     TT           III       PP          RR   RR        OO            OO     MM    MMM    MM         ???
     TT           III       PP          RR    RR        OO          OO      MM     M     MM         ???
     TT           III       PP          RR     RR         OO      OO        MM           MM
     TT       IIIIIIIIIII   PP          RR      RR           OOOO           MM           MM         ???

Katie's Response: From the very bottom to the very TIP of my heart: yes.

The Aftermath

Christopher Tate and Katie Vogel at TIProm 2016

Katie and I had a great night: dancing (including my dancing the Wobble for the first time (He looked like a limp noodle- Katie )), taking photos, hanging out with friends, and chatting. When it came to writing Termbook entries on the last day, Katie thanked me for the "best last dance a girl could ask for".

I did several things for the first time in my life thanks to Katie (and those who decided to hound me...mostly my roommate Skyler and friend Alex): I asked a girl to a dance, asked a girl to slow dance...TWICE(!), TIPromposed, and did several line dances (which got progressively less noodle-like as the night went on-Katie).

I, Christopher, still wear the button for special events (aka Skype sessions, TIPunions, and other events of which I, Katie, am unaware).
The Ace "yes" button that Katie gave me. I wore it with pride.