Carly Judenberg

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Carly Judenberg arguably the cutest person ever. She met her best friend Ella as a first year, second year at West. Whom she requested to be roommates with for her second yes at West when she returned as a third year. To her own anguish Ella unfortunately wasn't her roommate, nor was she in her rag. Her roommate however was KeeLeigh Jenkins(Leaky) who was a first year, third year. They resided in HH140 where many things took place. It was the biggest room of the rag, so obviously it became a pre-dance prep room. The first night brought about a new strong tradition for the dynamic duo. It started as Carly offering the new roomie any snack from her collection(which were and selected by Ella's grandparents). After KeeLeigh accepted a snack, Carly offered her a spot on the bed. They began to talk about there day and everything that had taken place. This also was the dawn of a nightly tradition. During one of these munch and talks Carly and KeeLeigh came up its buying a Wubble Bubble at target during their rag night the next day. Somewhere along the line Ella started talking to Campbell, which introduced Carly to Chris Sedlock. Chris waited until the day before the dance to ask Carly. Carly and Chris' relationTIP slowly grew strong. Chris had the reputation of the "trouble maker" and Carly was the sweetheart but they made quite the cute couple. Carly and Chris attended two of the three dances together until Chris was put on office arrest. Carly was also friends with many of the staff and admin - such as Joel from the Med room, and especially Tim from the office. Tim did confiscate her phone one. However, after catching her in a boy's room during the 9-10 free time, he did not reprimand her in the slightest. He only said, "get out".