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Brooke Huffman
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) Wake Forest, Duke East
Attended 2016-
Course(s) Speculative fiction, Big Screen, Little Screen, Literary License Without Limits
RAG(s) TK, Taylor/Tay's Baes, Megan
Roommate(s) Kathryn, Zoe, Stella
Social Media

Brooke is one of the most memeable humans currently attending tip, due to her obnoxious personality and cheerful lesbian journalist disposition, as well as one of the gayest. As nice and funny as she could be, she is one friend you would definitely want to have by your side on campus. Her nicknames include: Mega Thot 9000 (Garrick), Broom (Sydney Blackwell), Lexi (Harper), Bam-it's Brooke (Megan's RAG), Weasel (Sam), Thottie Wottie (Sam), Brookie Wookie (Sam), and Sparkly Gay (idk who came up with this one but it's iconic now).

Wake Forest 2016, Term 2

From left to right: Wes Guether, Adrea Norrell, Vivian Camplin, Carly McDonald, Brooke, and Clark Danelz at the last dance

Brooke's first year as a tipster, she attended Wake Forest University, taking the class Speculative fiction. She was a founding member of the The Blue Tile and the TEAILEE, as well as being the most trusted advisor of the leader Heather. Brooke created several class memes, as well as the class' most iconic nickname (Mas the Ogre), and quickly became known as the depressing poet. Her superlative was Most likely to write a gritty action scene taking place in Starbucks, which she just so happened to write. As well as being an iconic writer, Brooke was part of TK's RAG. She was Katie's roommate, and they stayed up all night playing cards. The two were remembered for Katie chasing Brooke around the common room, and Brooke sprinting over various card games. She quickly became a Beyoncè stan, along with TK and Yaya themselves, the true queens of the RAG. This was due to their killer TipSync performance of "Who Run the World (Girls)." Her superlative was Most likely to bring Beyoncè to a cookout. Brooke also had 3 RelationTIPs that term, Zac, Nic, and Clark. Zac and Brooke weren't the most functional couple, and Nic only dated her for 23 hours. Clark had lasted the longest, and they still stay in touch.

Duke East 2017, Term 1

From left to right: Lily Smith, Maddie Peronto, Kiran Kadiyala, Braden Borbely, Ava Mandoli, Brooke, and Ryan Hess at the famous LocoPops

Brooke's second year as a tipster, she went to Duke East, and took the class Big Screen, Little Screen. She was a known for having 0 ideas when it came to most projects, and dating another one of the class' members for most of TIP's duration. This relationTIP however turned out to be very unhealthy, and is not mentioned by either party. Her birthday took place during this term, and to celebrate the class watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off, her favorite movie. Her superlative was Most likely to leave you in suspense. Brooke was also a member of the Basset Bros, and a true lover of Daddy B Duke, as well as the ancient art of kazoos. Brooke's roommate was Zoe, and they never went to bed on time. She quickly became a meme due to her likelihood to pass out in random places, and her memeable qualities. She could usually be found watching vine compilations with the lovely Ryan Hess, or listening to the music of Noah C. Cornelius. Her superlative was Most likely to pass out.

Duke East 2018, Term 1

From left to right: Brooke, Noah Risley, Boden Brindell, and Braden Borbely at the last dance

Brooke's third year as a tipster, she returned to Duke East and took the class Literary License Without Limits. Her best friend since year 1, Sam King, was also in that class, and they enjoyed raising hell together constantly. Rumor has it that the two of them are why their teacher, the infamous Meg, decided to give the class assigned seats. Aside from Sam, Brooke was known for trying to dissolve the awkward tension, writing really emotional poetry/stories, and never finishing anything quite on time. She also started the superlative rebellion, alongside Austin Willis. When Meg announced that they wouldn't be doing superlatives, the two got so pissed that she had to have a meeting with them in the hall. Brooke's pure fury and Austin's calm reasoning convinced Meg to bring back superlatives, so long as it didn't take up class time. Her superlative was Most likely to be an icon. Brooke's roommate this term was Stella, and the two were some of the gayest tipsters on campus, and could often be seen sporting pride accessories. While her RC Megan was definitely not awesome, the RAG bonded over their hatred of her. Megan picked the RAG's superlatives, Brooke's being simply BAM, it's Brooke. Brooke also spent a lot of time with the fourth years that adopted her, including Søren Creecy, Boden Brindell, Noah Risley, Lily Shytle, Ronald Doe, and Will Snider. Brooke was mainly known amongst them for being extremely sparkly due to her highlighter, and being the daughter/sister of Braden Borbely. Their family tree, while nearly impossible to understand, was adorable. At the end of the term, Brooke received Søren's rainbow sweatbands, The Pastorship (which becomes official next term), and the moonscream.

A Quick Note from a Good Friend

Brooke is honestly one of my best friends ever and one of my favorite people that I have ever met. She is so welcoming and loving towards everyone she meets and always knows exactly what to say. She helps me fix all of my problems in ways that I never thought of and she is always willing to listen to my stupid rants about things that annoy me. Brooke has always been there for me and I could not have asked for a better friend. I am so happy that I met Brooke because of everything that she has done for me and everything that has changed in my life because I met her.

Fun Facts

  • Brooke's favorite food is ramen noodles, a true gourmet food
  • She can play the kazoo and the ukulele
  • She can quote 99.9% of vines
  • Her best friend Samuel came to visit her in October 2017, from TN to MO
  • She is the president of the Noah C Fanclub
  • She reps Daddy B Duke, he is her one and only true love
  • Lives in St. Louis, Misery
  • Has a tip birthday (June 19th bois)
  • Single handedly promoted the Emoji Movie
  • Is a self proclaimed film buff, as well as a theater geek
  • A writer of poems, stories, and the occasional song
  • Came out as bisexual after term 1 in 2017
  • In the song Sensational by the Cornelius Boys, the line "Toy with me, my heart's throbbing girl" was written for Brooke
  • Has never seen Star Wars
  • Is a dog person (she's allergic to cats)
  • Never fucked Braden (there's always fourth year though)
  • Likes rope and bunnies
  • Is a gazeb-hoe
  • Can be seen annoying Sam King all the time and trying her best to make him uncomfortable.
  • Can suck my left foot
  • Has this thing for breaking out the peanut butter
  • Honestly what a thot
  • Only listens to the boppiest of tracks
  • She adores the Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight showings


  • "My memes are ironic but my anxiety is chronic"
  • "Theory: Kung Fu Panda is made up entirely of furries"
  • "Yee yeet, litty boi"
  • "She touch the tit, she went for it, but she forgot to say no homo"
  • "He lick the stick, thicc tongue, yum yum"
  • "I'm an attention whore, give me love"
  • "Please choke" (note: this was said to Sam King, the platonic love of her life)
  • "I eat pussy! I eat pussy!"
  • "How was breakfast/lunch/dinner" @Lit Lic
  • "Shrek is so fucking dominant that you will die climaxing"
  • "If you are talking, you are wrong" (this quote actually came from her school principal Ed Nelson)
  • "That's where you're wrong dumbass, wrong"
  • "My feet are cute you're all just BULLIES"
  • "Probably because I'm a touch deprived attention whore, but go off I guess"
  • "I like it when people call me hot, not gonna lie"
  • "Sorry chief, booted"
  • "Zendaya is Meechee"
  • "Fuck you AND your bone density!"
  • "Papa always knows"


Year Year at TiP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate RelationTIP
2016 1st Wake Forest II Speculative fiction Collins TK Kathryn Zac, Nic, and Clark
2017 2nd Duke East I Big Screen, Little Screen Basset Taylor Zoe Colton
2018 3rd Duke East I Literary License Without Limits Alspaugh Megan Stella Søren and Megan

Preceded by:
Søren Creecy
Moonscream Succeeded by:
who knows??

Preceded by:
Noah Risley
The Pastorship Succeeded by:
who knows??

If y'all ever wanna contact Brooke, just dm her instagram @brookekhuffman