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Brett Flora

Brett Flora, also know to TIPwiki users as user139.55.8.189 or MagicEight8all, just completed his 4th and final year at TiP and has every intention of coming back as an RC in a few years.


  • Brett is a 4-4-2 (4 years at TiP and 2 years on Duke East Campus)
  • In his first year at TiP in Davidson term I he was infamous for being the guy that was dumped for his roommate.
  • Brett became even more well-known when, during Summerfest, he painted the number 69 on his back and the letter O on his chest. The O was part of "GO BLUE" and the 69 his number for the basketball tournament. Unfortunately, he got sunburned and had tanlines of both.
  • In his second year, also Davidson Term I, he met the other half of the relationTIP Brett and Erin.
  • Acheived semi-notable 3rd year status being associated with John the Asian and being better than most at Ultimate.
  • A member of the first 3rd Year dorm to win Quadfest, Pegram Term I 2005
  • Acheived semi-notable 4th Year status as well, being often mistaken for fellow fourth year Brandon Clark. The two were asked an innumerable amount of times if they were related, and even if they were twins.
  • A member of the pre-tournament Ultimate favorites, The Cobras, a starter in the two games The Cobras played.
  • Did not start in the Student/Staff Ultimate game, but scored multiple points for the students.
  • Famous in his 4th year for dressing up as a cowgirl for Wear a Skirt Wednesday
  • A member of the Doctor Doctor castin his 4th Year as well.
  • Credited with toga-ing Ben Duke on Toga Tuesday.
  • Also credited with the Flora Fold
  • Along with ex-roommate Tom, and current wearer of the pimp robe, Brett discovered the entrance to The Tunnel that is always open, and spread word so that numerous East Term I TIPsters could explore them whenever they like.

Oh, yeah!

  • One of the few TIPsters to experience airconditioning in their dorm room all 4 years, including at Duke East Campus.



  • Wen (Brett was a member of the Dirty South/Wentastic Twelve)
  • Lauren
  • Blake (the G.O.A.T.)
  • Mike (aka the coolest RC ever)


  • Grant
    • Grant stole Brett's relationTIP (Meg) from him, but it did not deminish their freindship
  • Tom
    • Now known as Tom-a-hawk, Brett remembers him most for the Cheeto's story
  • Ryan
    • Ryan lasted less than a day at TiP before leaving camp due to something of a "stomache flu". Brett was left sans-roommate for all three weeks, which didn't turn out to be so bad at all.
  • Sam
    • Sam and Brett had the exact same mind and it was rumored that they knew what the other was thinking all the time. The "best roommate [Brett] ever had".

Photos Brett along with former roommates Tom (far right) and Sam (far left), and Ben Kline the relationTIP Brett and Erin