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Baasit is one of the most amazing people ever. Consider yourself more than lucky if you've met him. He has glowing teddy graham chocolate colored skin, the prettiest teeth ever and a smile that will make your heart melt. He had a really cute walk, and a deep brooding kind of look in his eyes that made him seem super serious and super sexy. He also has a very deep sexy voice that will give you an eargasm but he left this to Sarah Baugh in his will. His 4th year was in 2013 and he was one of the best 4th years ever. He always attended East Term 2 because its obviously the best. In 2011 he took Macroeconomics he says it was "very interesting." I'm sure it was. In 2012 he took International Relations which he says was amazing and he recommends it to everyone. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable on Baasit's first 2 years attending TIP can write more about these terms but unfortunately, I cannot. I can tell you that when he was a third year he put someone's mattress on the Statue Quad and was sentenced to his room for the entire last night. He also came very near to trouble after putting a water bottle in a brown paper bag and swigging it during class.

Baasit's 4th year was absolutely amazing. He was in Criminal Trial Advocacy (CTA) which was obviously the best class that year because it had the best people and the best instructor (Don Carl Donelson II) and a TA (Benji Morrell) with changing titles everyday (King, The Supreme, The Omnipotent, Kim Jong, Princess, Praetor etc.). Baasit was so damn smart and he received "Best Attorney" in the entire class for the first mock trial. His class superlative was "most likely to pass the bar without studying" because he was such a natural lawyer. He challenged Don on the daily and won many points for his class team Frolicking Seals United (FSU). There was a plea bargain stimulation in class where he was up against the llove of his life, Hailey and he wouldn't accept her modest guilty plea offer of $6,420 so she took him to trial. He "disregarded the infiniti option," infiniti meaning that the random number generator would land on 20 and his team would lose all their hard-earned points. Hailey took him to trial after he stubbornly wouldn't accept her modest offer and the number landed on 20!!! I'm unauthorized to say what happened after that but Baasit was a gentleman about losing. He was so perfect. Baasit had the ability to raise his hand and say the right answer without even thinking. Making eye contact with him in class was so special because he would smile with his award-winning smile and sometimes wink with his warm, dark eyes. He spoke in a slow, sultry, convincing voice that made everyone in the room sweat. Pop a Molly I'm sweatin' WHOO! Fun Fact: One of Don's beagles is named Molly.

Baasit was really good friends with Lawrence Charnow, Nicholai, Dylan, Erich, Josh, Thomas, Daniel, and Hailey. He saw Hailey Wozniak on the first day and immediately became infatuated with her because she's so freaking perfect and it isn't fair for any other girl in existence. One the second day of class he made her a gum wrapper heart which was kinda his thing. By the end of the term he had made her like 30 hearts. The two went on a trip to 9th street and bought rings marking their llove for one another. Hailey's is gold with blue diamonds and Baasit's is gold with red diamonds. They wear them everyday. Anyways everything was good with Baasit. He was in the best RAG of that term (Dev's RAG) who had an awesome RAG partner (Niki's RAG). He was a member of Goon Squad, the Billises and was obviously a crab doe.He sat at the left side of the lunch table at the end with Hailey, where she would sometimes have to sit on his lap because people would take her seat. He had sophisticated music taste and an iPod full of super catchy sex songs. He loved living on the 2nd floor in Dev's Rag (DEVVVV!!) because the doodes were chill and there was an amp where they had all-day jam sessions complete with twinkies, chips, donuts, and cheese puffs. He often made Karis the RC (Hailey's RC) uncomfortable on the daily and said "Sorry, Karis" even when he wasn't doing anything wrong. He crossed the threshold only a few times and was unabashed with PDA. He pretended to smoke in front of Karis in the hallway once and as a result, had to write an apology letter to her. Eventually, Karis and Baasit were friends.

Baasit had a black flag with a red border and a red star in the middle that he literally took wherever he went. Baasit and his flag were listed for two consecutive years as being in a relationtip (2012, 2013). He took it to meals, class, break, everything. He even added a Florida State flag to it just to mess with Don. At the end of his fourth year, Baasit somberly passed his beloved flag down to 3rd year Nate Jones.

We've already stated his name, so what's his name? His favorite second year was also in CTA and her name was Sarah Baugh. They were on the same team for the final case and they were against Don C. Donelson III and (most recently) computah lovin' Benji. They lost but they knew they were going to so it was all good. I mean they might've had a chance if Quattraporte didn't directly translate to four door. Hailey and Baasit had a thing for like the entire term, but it got serious during the last week. They canoodled at the Durham Bulls Baseball game where they wore snapbacks and took a seriously cute picture. Baasit made that picture his profile picture until his conservative family forced him to change it due to the intensity of cuteness in it. Baasit and Hailey had a special kind of llove. They weren't super sexual and all up in each others' business, but rather super caring like an old couple. They went almost everywhere together and supported each other. Baasit was always writing sweet notes to her and showing how much she meant to him. He was the definition of a romantic. It was really hard to say goodbye to each other. On the last night/ day thing that kinda all blended into one after Hailey left early to go home and Baasit spent his last hour with Sarah and they cried and then he left. But Hailey and Baasit are gonna see each other again because even if they're not touching, their states always are. The fairytale never ends. It's just begun.

It's a wrap.