Bad Poetry?! Oh-noetry!

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Known also simply as "Oh-noetry", this medium was stumbled upon by curious PILFers (Philosophy in Literature and Film...ers.) on the first Monday of Term II 2005 (Duke East). Outside the computer lab, two members of the class (Skippy and J, to be precise) found a Composition notebook which was mostly empty. The first few pages, however, contained surprisingly awful poetry of a non-TIPster origin.

To give an idea of the original poetry, here are a few lines:

"Something's happened,//something sad.//Something's happened,//something bad."


"Shopping: it's not as easy as it seems. It could take five hours to find the pumps of your dreams."

Anyway, we (the Pilfers) laughed some and left the notebook where it was, figuring that the owner would come to find it. When it was still on the table on the following Monday, we "rescued" it. EDIT: I'm pretty sure that Pilfers weren't the ones who rescued it. Mel and Aaron went to the computer lab, and seeing the book, picked it up and decided to keep it. It was then taken back to The Ugly Tree, and the first few poems were born. After that, it was passed around from person to person. Then, feeding upon the horrific nature of these rhymes, we began to write spontaneous and exceptionally painful poetry of our own (to clarify: this was not a PILF-exclusive thing. The notebook was in fact passed around and had many, many contributions from non-PILFers.) It was dubbed "Oh-noetry". Later, when Conrad, Mel, and Kathleen (see The Ugly Tree, the Llama Posse, the Llama-Mama, and More Cowbell) emceed the Talent Show, Oh-noetry was read aloud, much to the delight and anguish of the audience.

"There is darkness/within my soul/and I think of/death/which I long for/like a cookie. // And then the sun comes out from behind the clouds/like the sun on a cloudy day/and I am happy//and then i get sunburnt/which sucks/and I am depressed once more."

The Oh-Noetry book now resides with Mel in Maryland.