Astronautical Engineering

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Astronautical engineering is one of those classes you take if you are very serious about learning. You will cover many different topics pertaining to and used by rocket scientists including math, engineering, and problem solving. Also Astronautical Engineering has one of the best field trips at Rice as you get to go to Johnson Space Center.

Term 2 2017

Astronautical Engineering was a loving family this year. An unbreakable bond was formed. A family tree is shown here Litfam.png


Calvin is the leader of the family and everyone except Nate Mikosh is from Astronautical engineering. Kareem, Maya, Keven, Seb, Calvin, Biggest Daddy Mustache Baller, Michael all asexually reproduced thanks to the magic of Blake Chronan's icebreaker gum. Noticeable members of the LIT FAM include

Nate Mikosh, Ayden Emerson

Blake Chronan

He loves him some gum Blake Chronan he loves

Nate Mikosh

Nate is not part of the Astronautical Engineering class but somehow Kareem got him into the family. Nate sits with half of the Astronautical Engineering class so he is part of the half of the family.


Ayden is a mysterious case. Many speculate the he is a furry.( lit people who like anthropomorphic animals). He also left after 2 weeks of camp to a band competition, but was it really a band competition????????????????????

Charlie the Lost Brother

Charlie has a strange background. It all started when Maya (the TA) saw big-bod Kareem. Overloaded with joy after seeing him, they had a kid without realizing that Kareem could only asexually reproduce. 9 months later Charlie was born because of the failed abortion that happened 5 months prior. He was left out in the streets of Houston where the queen goddess Blake used his ultra powerful gum to bring him a better life, a life living with wolves. While living with the pack of wolves he saw one that looked odd. It turned out just to be Ayden the furry doing one of his shenanigans. Ayden brought Charlie back to the family where he was meet by God himself, Cal. Cal decidedly keep Charlie until he realized that Charlie was his great-great-great-great-great grandson or something like that. Kareem rejected Charlie and was forced to be away from Nate, his brother. Charlie ended up becoming an ERS master except that Blake, Razvan, Cal, Dylan, and Cooper were all better than him