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Architecture is a class taught at Davidson. It is the only class where students are allowed to use weapons (box cutters), despite TIPsters' tendencies to unintentionally injure themselves. It is also the lit-est of the classes. That is a proven fact.

2015 Term II

One Word: Legendary

Instructor: Dylan Rinda TA: Katherine Barymow


  • Mira
  • Adam
  • Jakob
  • Josh
  • Colin
  • Leah
  • Kelsey
  • Ramki
  • Sid
  • Sam
  • Christopher
  • Young Jun


  • During the trip to Charlotte, Colin -expressing true TIPspirit- wore his relationTIP's pink skirt. When they went to the mall, a security guard yelled at him for going to the men's restroom and almost kicked him out.
  • "Freakin' A"
  • Politics- On the first day, Colin brought up politics and there was a healthy discussion, a first for most of the students, however Kelsey didn't like the topic and thus discussion of politics was banned.
  • Note from Kelsey: I live for politics and would never "not like" the topic. I don't remember this but it is much more likely I debated everyone and get too wound up for Dylan. Also saying it was "the first healthy discussion for most" students was complete BS. I'm only not deleting it out of respect for the open forum that is TIPwiki. Also how is that a joke...

2015 Term I

Greatest class ever

Taught by Mr. Robert and Mr. Alex/Alex


  • Landon
  • Catherine
  • Reed
  • William
  • James
  • Patton
  • Becky
  • Spencer
  • Campbell (Soupy)
  • Sahil
  • Jay
  • Paul
  • Cade

Inside Jokes: The illuminaTIP. "Two" has 3 letters..., Drunk guy sings Bohemian Rhapsody in back of police car, (Cue Patton) Toaster strudel! Yassss!, (Cue Jay) Oh my gardd!, Reed's laugh, Spencer- "Candy, and sweets, and other things", Cade + Soupy, get ofF THE SACRED GRASs, You survived architorture, What was your favorite moment?, Reed + Becky, Spencer's injuries, Soupy's injuries, "The answer is almost always yes", Our trip to Charlotte, Ladies and gentleman and______ , Backwards day with Soupette/Campbellina,

2011, Term II

Architecture was taught by two ferocious, terrifying, strike-fear-into-your-heart creatures:

  • The elusive Samantaur, a carnivorous creature whose habits include eating her students and watercoloring (I)
  • The colorful-shoed, beard-bearing, Lady Gaga-reminiscent... Nick (TA)

Students were taught how to Parti all the time. All gained an extensive knowledge of YouTube videos. A lecture was usually given in the morning, about history or an era, or technique. Next came studio, which was essentially 6 hours of working with cardboard, paper, and wood. Believe it or not, students actually wanted to keep working past the end. You may not want to use your steel ruler to cut with your x-acto knife, but under no circumstances should you fail to do so. Ever.

Architecture 2012 Davidson Term 2

Architecture was taught by 2 awesome teachers

  • Nick was the amazing TA! It was so sad that it was his last year working at TIP.
  • The awesome Danielle was the teacher.

Important Projects:

  • Building huts made of newspaper and tape in an hour (one teammate must have been able to fit in)
  • Vitruvian Man chalk drawings
  • Precedent buildings project
  • Making stage models for Shakespearience
  • Making towers with 3 people per group (must have been made of basswood and been at least 30 inches tall)
  • Making photograph joiners from pictures taken by students of architecture in Charlotte
  • Describing feelings about art
  • Parti models
  • Morning lectures
  • Structure
  • Seven wonders of the ancient world
  • Final: bike share models
  • Debates (pros and cons of reconstruction of Auschwitz and Monticello)
  • Projects with EProb
  • Learning about concrete and cement for days (involved a Main Street and Davidson tour and lecture)
  • Making "light bulbs" of concrete in actual glass light bulbs (with a partner)
  • Plaster casting in groups of four
  • Making benches and stepping stones with concrete
  • Tower and bench testing in a sorority house

Funny and good and memorable moments:

  • 99.1% of rapes start with the hand on the shoulder (Makaela, AND Divya)
  • Giving Danielle her amazing birthday card
  • Our game "Order"
  • Bringing Order to the chaos
  • Being videotaped by Main Office
  • Daniel being cut by the X-Acto knife three times
  • Daniel running into the whiteboard while blindfolded to point to which t-shirt color we would get
  • Solana's rebuttal: "You know that Sally chick? Yeah, she had an affair."
  • Divya falling on the stairs or out of her chair every day
  • Divya being cut by cardboard three times
  • Jake, his sunglasses, and his obsession with selfies
  • Jake and Jason's fight on who gets the non-broken light bulb
  • Breaking light bulbs
  • Getting to walk on the Forbidden Grass while carrying heavy loads
  • Cartwheeling, running, and spinning on the Forbidden Grass while Danielle was taking final project pictures
  • Nick's car on the way to Charlotte ("I'd Cap That" funny quotes)
  • Ben and Jerry's visit (and our obsession with covering the chalkboard table with chalk)
  • Jake's relationTIP problems
  • Camille's being a perfectionist
  • Ursula and Wendy being awesome because they share their names with Disney characters
  • Stephanie galloping. She is a horse.
  • Max just being Max
  • Computer problems on the first day
  • DDSEJFTIYANGPFI (Don't Do Someone Else's Job For Them If You Are Not Getting Paid For It) The Shakespearience's TA's words of wisdom
  • Divya getting a football stuck in a tree
  • Kelsey's relationTIP probelms
  • Nick jumping out of a laundry cart in the dorms
  • Nick and Daniel's inTIPpropriate conversations
  • Being on Facebook when we were supposed to be doing evaluations


  • Ursula
  • Kiana
  • Spencer
  • Kevin
  • Camille McClain
  • Makeala
  • Wendy
  • Solana
  • Kelsey
  • Jake
  • Divya Jain
  • Max
  • Noah
  • Daniel
  • Stephanie

About Architecture had not only the coolest room, but the coolest shirts and the coolest term book page. (This is true of all Architecture terms.)


  • "What about the bunny joint?" - Brendan
  • "CHEESE, CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!" - Sam (student)
  • "But the vermonster is a team building activity!?" - Clayton
  • "And the soccer guys were like 'Dude, is that a pregnant man?'"- Manisha
  • "Parkour is life." -Dylan
  • "9B is like black butter." - Nick
  • "What! That was a wall?" - Brendan
  • "You know the best thing about this outfit is that it's expanding my tan lines." - Clayton
  • "Did they have Pac-Man in the arcades?" - Sam (student)
  • "If I do parkour and break something I'll say I was under the influence of your movie."-Clayton
  • "The Chrysler Building is made of bricks...(Alexander)....WHAT!!!!!!!NO WAY!!!!!!!(Brendan)...Just Believe Brendan...(Sam- Teacher)"
  • "(Clayton's funny chipmunk laugh)"- Clayton
  • "The BLOB!" -Carlos
  • "Our house, in the middle of the street." -Steven
  • "C'mon Carlos, say it. 'I am Carlos, and I am beautiful.' It's the first step to your recovery." -Clayton
  • "I LOST THE GAME" -everyone
  • "Our dojo, in the middle of Shanghai..." - Steven
  • "That's what she said!" (x2400) -Brendan
  • "No, an example of something simple, and stupid, would be SARAH PALIN!!!" -Sam (student)
  • "_________" -Emily, because Emily never talked
  • "It's my obsidian pickaxe." -Alexander
  • "ZERO!" "1." "2." "3." "4." "Oh wait, 5." "6." "7." "8." "9." silence "(Whispers: Sam!)" "OH, here, 10!" "11." silence "TWELVE, WHO's Twelve?" "I thought he didnt go yet?!" "Fine, start over..." - everyone
  • "I don't know where he is. Nick left a note in the room saying he couldn't take it anymore and I haven't heard from him since." - Sam (teacher)

Davidson 2014 Term 2


  • Lewis
  • ALEX! (That's what she said)


  • -Messi
  • -Grace
  • -Emma
  • -Liam
  • -Favor
  • -Ian
  • -CJ
  • -Sam
  • -Rushil
  • -Cameron
  • -Ben
  • -AJ
  • -Dylan
  • -Macray

Inside Jokes

  • Honestly too many to list, but I'll try

Cube Hell, Spanish, Messi Broke his ankle!, Elevator races, The OSHA board, Argentina, Build a Bridge, and get over it, We really hate Davidson's style, Chicken Nuggets, Hand Check, Liam (He was a joke by himself), Grace is really awesome, Messi fell asleep on the toilet, "Austin is the best" "No it's not!", El Paso sucks, The west lawn is not for sport, nor giggles, Threw it on the ground, Architecture table, "Studio 3106" "Wow that's pretentious", Lewis pulls out slowly, We hate the that column, 9B is like black butter

Injury Champion

  • Messi
    • With 13 total injuries including a non-boxcutter related broken ankle

Davidson 2017 Term 1

Instructor: Robert (pronounced Robeir although no one could say it right) TA: Christian (best TA)

  • Sophie
  • Louis
  • CJ
  • Anatalia
  • Michael (chAd)
  • Eleanor
  • Grant
  • Justin
  • Natalia
  • Charlie
  • Lindsay
  • Annalise
  • Neo


  • chicken nuggies and fwies (not a typo)
  • Fork ice cream
  • 0 days without accidents Neo
  • chAd is rAd,after it was banned became chAdanooga without the anooga
  • getting chopped
  • Barcelona pavilion
  • uncle Christian
  • We are Arch-itechs
  • the Arch-i-tree
  • the Arch-i-table

Other things

  • playing disc golf during the breaks(we always stayed outside for longer than we were supposed to) in the courtyard with the sacred trees
  • going to Ben & Jerrys
    • spilling a smoothie all over the floor and chocolate ice cream melting all over the table
  • the project we did when no one could do it exact enough for the box to stay in the paper
  • getting "knives"
  • our "group chAd"
  • drawing and playing music during evening study
  • watching the Sid the Science Kid Bad and Boujee video in evening study
  • drawing "lines" for the entire day
  • Robert's COVFEFE water bottle
  • the Barcelona chairs
  • Justin drinking an entire Arizona tea gallon in 2 days and later refilling it with lemonade
  • begging Christian to let us live stream during evening study
  • ditching lunch at Veil Commons during the field trip where we "hit town" aka Charlotte and went to Jimmy Johns instead of eating cafeteria lunch