Alex Coopersmith

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course RC Roommate
2010 1st ASU 1 America and the World Alex
2011 2nd UGA 2 Criminal Law and Mock Trial M-Nasty's Dojo Bryson White
2012 3rd UGA 2 Philosophy of Knowledge Cookies and Cream Chuck Rosenbluth
2013 4th UGA 2 American Foreign Policy Brick Squad Reece Dantin


Alex Coopersmith was a fourth year fourth year from College Station, Texas. He also went by many other nicknames as well. He played in the staff student game all four years, and was a co-captain during his fourth year. He was also a member of The Backdorm Boys He could constantly be heard talking about either Mariners baseball, or politics. He also has a younger sister, Caroline, who is carrying on the UGA term 2 tradition.

First Year

This was the only year were he went to Term 1. He took America and the World and was one of the Tipsters who discovered that his TA Brian was actually Eric Foreman in disguise. Also he gained a reputation for wanting to declare martial law in every threat situation. He also was the drummer in the infamous Pokemon Lip sync and a member of RC Alex's RC group. He was on the purple people eaters which got last in quadfest, but his RC group won Lip-sync with their amazing Pokemon performance.

Second Year

He was a member of Mitchell Haverty, Esq. (M-Nasty) RC group M-Nasty's Dojo. He was a member of the Blue 12 ounce Waterbottles team which got 4th place in Dawgfest, and this was the year when he first did Jello snarfle. For some reason that he really doesn't know, his RC group did not do a Lip-Sync.

Third Year

He took Philosophy of knowledge under the amazing instructor, J.B. He was a member of Kevin's RC group Cookies and Cream and a roomate of Chuck Rosenbluth. At the Gwinnett Braves game in the second week of Tip, he was the only tipster to get a foul ball (RC Carson got the other) and contrary to belief, he did not grab the ball from RC Micah's hands. He also was in a Relationtip with Hannah Hale. He started in the Staff-Student game and was a member of the Green Benjamins, which again got 4th place in dawgfest. He participated in Lip-Sync with his RC group in the Song "What makes you beautiful"

Fourth Year

He had what he considered to be "A pretty awesome fourth year" From being in his favorite class to being with his best friends he loved every second of Tip. He took American Foreign Policy class and lost every presidential race he was in. In his class he was called both "Liberal" and "Conservative" which he was quite proud of. In his termbook many people told him to run for president, and even more people said to not run for President. He was in Geoff's RC group, and got early bedtime too many Geoffing times. He was on the Bluega Whales team and he finally won Dawgfest, helping to lead the Blue team to a third place finish in frisbee, snarfling hard and getting hit by way too many water balloons. His RC group also won Lip-Sync with their performance of "Anyway you Want it". He also got sick on the last night, and would like to remind all Tipsters that Monster and IHop do not go together well.

Diplomacy-board-game-1.jpg Diplomacy
This TIPster has played Diplomacy at TIP and may have betrayed their friends multiple times.