Abby Hollmann

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Abby Hollmann
dodges questions like bush dodges shoes B)
Pronouns She/her
Campus(es) Trinity, West, West, West
Attended 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Course(s) Modern Medicine: Disease and Immunology, Biology of Cancer, Forensic Science, Abnormal Psychology
RAG(s) Kate's Butterflowers, Sydney's Minions, Laken's Lionesses + WNAM, The Hawk Squad (Alieka's RAG)
Roommate(s) Yaya, Karen, Helen, Mads
Social Media


A vampire from Texas who has some weird obsession with kolaches. Makes a questionable world leader at best. May or may not be a Soviet spy.

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way an attack helicopter should be able to fly...

Just a random tipster from Houston who likes to be involved with TIP nonsense

Trinity Term 2 2014

Abby Hollmann was a first year tipster at Trinity Term 2 in 2014. She was in Modern Medicine, literally the best class in the world, with Lucas Coffman and was voted Most Likely To Be A Timelord by her RC group, Kate's Butterflowers, where she also met Izzy Mendoza. She was on the Yellow Team in Tigerfest where she participated in events such as the Jello Snarfle, Face the Cookie, and Day at Trinity (an event that led to Thomas Holder and Abby throwing Goldfish at each other).

Modern Medicine vs. Mock Trial

She was a part of the legendary feud between Modern Medicine and Mock Trial. It all started when the TA for Modern Med, Zeib, borrowed Mock Trial's gavel, Meh, to give him a makeover. Mock Trial was horrified to find their beloved gavel covered in duct tape, a style that Zeib had chosen specifically for Meh. Because Modern Med loved to mock Mock Trial, they built their own class mascot, a five-foot tall reflex hammer named Mo. They later "borrowed" Meh again so they could tape him to the other end of Mo, becoming MOdern MEHdicine. As they were walking back from evening study with an unfinished Mo, Mock Trial spotted them and decided to chase them all the way back to Prassel. As they were running, it was decided that Mo would be escorted to Abby's room on the third floor because she was going to get the neon orange duct tape at Target that night to finish him. (By the way, there is nothing in this world that compares to the feeling of carrying a hammer that is almost as tall as you are while walking to breakfast in the morning.) In the end, Zeib was acquitted because the Mock Trial instructor couldn't pass up the opportunity for a pun.

West Term 1 2015

She hopes to someday become the Llama Momma at Duke East. This might be kind of hard seeing as she was at West Term 1, 2015 taking Biology of Cancer, a pretty cool class taught by the amazing Dr. Bro (Dr. Vestal) and Anna the TA. She is the copresident of the Meese Cult. Wright Coffman and Thomas Holder are her fellow copresidents and founders. In addition to starting an amazing cult, she was on the Grellow Team for the second time, made out with a Vermonster bucket, and forced people to watch strange YouTube videos. Due to her involvement in numerous "cults", she was voted Most Likely to Form Secret Organizations with Wright Coffman. For her class, she was voted Most Likely to Accidentally Go On Tumblr. She got sidetracked a lot during class and wound up on Wikipedia articles about human cloning ethics and space quite often. This term was really great and she hopes to returns again next year to West. WEST IS BEST. Grellow spirit for the win (or not).

West Term 1 2016

On June 12th, 2016, Abby returned home to West. She was reunited with people such as Thomas Holder and Izzy Mendoza, who were both at Trinity with her. She took Forensic Science, was in Laken's RAG (we are pride rock), was an honorary member of WNAM, and was on the Blue Team for Quadfest. This term got off to a great start for Abby, who had managed to stay awake all night before she flew to North Carolina. It was an incredible term full of memes, dreams, and weird Russian pop stars. For TIPSync, she got up in front of everyone and performed What I Like About You with her RAG while wearing knee high alien socks. She also recorded the legendary performance by WNAM on Joel McCullough's camera. She had a lot of fun in her class and was voted Most Likely To Go To Space, but was almost voted Most Likely To Die on Mars thanks to Avery. At the dances, she spent a lot of time awkwardly hanging out with people and forcing Madelyn Mansfield to do the Time Warp. She was arguably one of the best roller skaters at that term and is also definitely not a furry, despite owning a lion onesie and the incessant furry jokes because of this.

West Term 1 2017

Abby once again returned to West Term 1, along with all of WNAM. She was roommates with Mads and they were in Alieka's Rag, The Hawk Squad. She took Abnormal Psychology, was on the winning Blue Team for Quadfest, and performed a song from Camp Rock for TIPsync. She was voted Most Likely to Talk About Space in her class and Most Likely to Use Meme as a Verb by her RAG. Perhaps the most tragic part of fourth year was when she left her lion onesie at TIP, though she will be able to get it back... eventually. (She got it back from SUPER RC like right after tip -Mads)


(I'm starting to realize that I have a LOT of these)

NASA Johnson Style

i forgot to put this one on here #yikes

Back To School Dance Shenanigans

Sometime in August 2015, Abby mentioned on the famous tipster iMessage group chat that she didn't want to go to a school dance because she was feeling pretty crappy. Not knowing that she lived in Houston, Louanne Hood, asked if she was going to the St. Agnes dance (a school that neither of them went to). After mentioning that she was, they decided to meet up through the power of tipster magic. Since private schools are pretty strict about their hair dye policy, Kris Shelyukh (who Louanne was staying with) forced her to wear an absolutely ridiculous blonde wig. The dance itself was actually pretty fun and they did things like seriously confuse Abby's friends and make sexual snow cone jokes. All in all, it was pretty incredible.

Galleria Meet Up

In June of 2016, Louanne Hood arrived in Houston once again. Wherever she goes, TIPster shenanigans are sure to follow. Over the course of three days, she organized a meetup at the Galleria with tipsters such as Connor Anderson and Kris Shelyukh. Abby managed to come on the second day for a few hours and it was pretty awesome. She ordered a hamburger at a sushi restaurant, met her meme hero (Connor), and awkwardly hung out in Hot Topic for "no reason".

Secret Homecoming Tipunion

abby went to waffle house with thomas and it was an awkward experience for everyone

Tuesday ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

when none of your tip friends are around to third wheel, just get your sibling to do it

Crabs Adjust Humidity

yeah houston isn't very cold in december


The HOV lane saves lives

Pre-TIP and Post-TIP Tipunions

Uhhhhhhhh.......... fly me to the moon?

Homecoming (again)

Not so secret this time


it's too cold in tennessee


Ikea was better

at this point they're not even tipunions anymore so i'm just going to stop

Abby this is a desperate plea from Mads to update ur page on 5/31/18